Magnificent! The world focuses on XCMG machinery fleet in India

XCMG from an ancient country in the east has once again become the focus of the world in Bangalore, India, known as the “Silicon Valley of Asia”.

It is known that EXCON, as the second largest construction machinery exhibition in Asia, is jointly sponsored by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Indian Construction Equipment Manufactures' Association (ICEMA). The exhibition, covering an area up to 220,000 square meters, brings together many world-class engineering machinery manufacturers. It is a rare event in the construction machinery industry since it attracts hundreds of thousands of views and has huge influence in the industry.

XCMG and XCMG (India) Schwing Company jointly participated in the 2019 EXCON in India, in which 19 products including excavators, truck cranes, crawler cranes with telescopic booms, aerial work platforms, loaders, graders and rotary drilling were exhibited in an area of 3,000 square meters.

It’s worth mentioning that XCMG debuted in the Indian market with five new excavators XE140I, XE210I, XE220C, XE225C and XE380C specially developed for the Indian market, which attracted must attention. With the XE225C excavator’s live performances such as cutting cucumber, the participators from all countries are amazed at such a fine, smart and accurate operation by a bulky machine.

In addition, XCMG’s three ARARA-certified truck cranes, XCT50_Y, XCT60_Y, and XCT80_Y, made their debut, all of which were sold out as soon as they were launched.

During the exhibition, XCMG executives met with Indian distributors.

With the super-high performance, XCMG’s directional drills, excavators, cranes, and loaders and other exhibited equipment were recognized and supported by exhibitors. In just a few days of the exhibition, XCMG not only sold out all the exhibited equipment, but also obtained dozens of intentional orders.

Since entering into the Indian market, XCMG has continued to forge ahead and innovate. It has now established a marketing network that integrates production, sales, service and spare parts and covers the entire Indian market. In 2019, the XCMG excavator factory was under construction. At present, XCMG equipment can be found at construction sites in major cities in India. XCMG equipment has been widely praised by people from all walks of life in India as it has participated in the construction of Reliance thermal power plant, Essis refinery, L&T subway and other well-known projects in India.