Wang Min’s Message to XCMG Brazil: To become a new benchmark for XCMG’s main strategy of going global!

It is hot in the South America in January. After nearly 32 hours of journey, Chairman Wang Min set foot in Brazil on January 4, 2020, local time for the fifth time. With the expectation of all Chinese and Brazilian employees, the delegation led by Wang rushed to the manufacturing base in Brazil to inspect and guide the work and visited all the employees of XCMG Brazil he always concerns about.


The delegation is accompanied by Wang Yansong, vice president of XCMG Machinery and chairman of XCMG Brazil, Jin Yi, deputy general manager of XCMG Finance Company, Cui Xiangdong, deputy director of XCMG Spare Parts Management Department, and Gan Xinting, deputy general manager of XCMG Brazil.




Wang Min is warmly welcomed by all Chinese and Brazilian employees and shook hands with them cordially

XCMG Brazil is always on our mind


Wang Min cordially met with all Chinese and Brazilian employees and delivered a warm speech


On behalf of 23,000 employees and all the leaders of XCMG, Wang Min first extended greetings and salutes to Brazilian employees.

“A lot of thoughts come into my mind all the way from St. Paul. When there are more than 30 kilometers away from the factory, all I think of is Brazilian factories and employees.” He said with deep affection.”



As an important part of XCMG’s international strategy and participation in the “Belt and Road” initiative, XCMG manufacturing base in Brazil has always been an enterprise that Chairman Wang Min has always been concerned about. Today, XCMG Brazil is not only the largest manufacturing base built by XCMG overseas, but also the first and currently largest industrial park built by the Chinese construction machinery industry in Brazil.


Wang Min is very pleased for the achievements of XCMG Brazil in 2019. He pointed out that the performance of the factory in Brazil has reached a new and solid level. Similarly, with the concept of “taking roots in Brazil and radiating South America” proposed by XCMG, we take deep roots in Brazil; our brand has increasing influence in all sectors of society, and the competitiveness has also improved.



Chairman Wang visits XCMG workshop in Brazil


After more than 3 years, Wang Min once again visited every corner of XCMG Brazil. He was delighted about every change and development of XCMG Brazil from the production workshop to the staff apartment.


When visiting the staff apartment, Wang Min stayed in the staff culture wall for a long time. He carefully checked the photos of each staff and nodded with relief.


Chairman Wang watches the medals of honor of China-Brazil exchange


Staring at the “Highest Medal of Honor of China-Brazil Exchange” for a good while, he pointed out that the obtaining of the Medal of Honor reflects the integration of our culture with local one. By “going out”, the diligence, integrity, and seriousness of the Chinese people we have shown in our business activities underscore our global governance concept of “co-negotiation, co-construction and sharing” and the concept of building a community of shared future for humanity.


The reason why we can obtain the Medal of Honor is because of our persistence. We are recognized by Brazil with our struggle and hard work, which is our contribution to China.


“XCMG Brazil is the bridgehead of the “going global strategy”


“XCMG should take the “going global” as its main strategy, and all other strategies including talent, technology, management, and market should support it.”


At the XCMG Brazil work report in the afternoon, Wang Min said firmly, “I hope that the office in Brazil can become an important piece of XCMG’s “going global” strategy, and set an example as a bridgehead of this strategy.”


XCMG Brazil reports on the annual performance, the preparation of XCMG Brazil Bank and the Brazilian market


In recent years, XCMG equipment has been widely involved in the infrastructure construction of Brazil, such as the Olympic venues and the 12 World Cup stadiums. Brazilian manufacturing has become a mainstream brand in Brazil. In 2019, XCMG Brazil successfully won the first order in the history of the Argentine government; it was awarded the “Highest Medal of Honor in China-Brazil Exchange”; XCMG has obtained the approval of the central bank of Brazil to set up the XCMG Brazil Bank, becoming the first Chinese manufacturer obtaining the banking license in the Americas.



Wang Min requested to further implement the “high-quality, efficient, large-scale and sustainable” development, overcome difficulties, strengthen international management, optimize the assessment mechanism, form a community with a shared future and interests, improve the service spare parts system, and enhance product competitiveness. “This year Brazil and South America are still in turmoil and downturn, but we are fully prepared to meet the challenges and achieve new results.”


“We must fight on a world-class battlefield”

“A world-class company must fight on the world-class battlefield!” Wang Min said with a steady eye when it comes to the international development of XCMG.


In 2001, XCMG products successfully landed in Brazil. XCMG Office was established in Brazil to work with local distributors to cultivate the XCMG brand. After nearly two decades of hard work, this capable “XCMG Iron Army” started from scratch and established XCMG brand in Brazil and South America.


Wang Min said, “XCMG Iron Army is a brave force. Our employees are here, like a wall, blocking any future floods and difficulties, like a nail, firmly sticking to their posts. This is XCMG. This is how leaders grow up. This is how steel is made.”


He pointed out that XCMG Brazil must adhere to the path of going global, form a market-oriented tradition, strengthen the management of two “Project No. 1”, exercise talents, innovate models, accelerate the pace, and make more contributions to XCMG and its international development!



Forge ahead or fall behind. In 2020, XCMG Brazil will firmly adhere to the strategy of “taking roots on Brazil, developing in Brazil, and radiating South America”, and truly implement the “three-step” strategy with “high-quality, efficient, large-scale and sustainable” development.