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1. Excellent lifting capacity

XGC300E crawler crane maximum rated capacity 300t, the maximum load moment 167t×11m = 1837t•m, equipped with boom, boom single top, light boom, tower jib, fixed jib, and main and auxiliary hook block composition to achieve TBM installation for six kinds of working condition. Light boom maximum lifting capacity 95.5t, tower jib maximum lifting capacity 135t, fixed jib maximum lifting capacity 130t, boom single top maximum lifting capacity 28t (2 parts of line). Powerful lifting capacity particularly presents in long and medium boom length, customers purchasing the machine is “The thing is over the value”.

2. Longer boom configuration

XGC300E crawler crane boom is configured maximum length 96m, light boom configured maximum length 115.5m, tower jib configured maximum length 66m, fixed jib configured maximum length 36m, boom single top configured length 1.8m. Longer boom is for higher lifting and wider radius, and independent grading counterweight load table ensures customers purchasing the machine with “The right thing”.

3. Global transport design idea

XGC300E crawler crane is in full accordance with worldwide passable road regulatory requirements, take modular transport as design concept; the maximum single unit transport weight 45t (if dismantling can be less than 37t), the maximum single unit transport width only 3.0m, the maximum single unit transport height 3.3m; three-part of tower jib front/rear strut and jib base inserted, the middle section of boom, tower jib, fixed jib inserted, fixed jib base section (with strut) and other components integrated for transport; the development idea is in accordance with the world’s narrowest toll road, not only for customer to solve all the road transport troubles, but also for customer to have the lowest transport cost.

4. Composite parts use function

To survey the use frequency of customer parts, and to reduce the customer's purchase cost, XGC300E crawler crane parts and components features are designed for rational integration and optimization, such as the auxiliary hoist winch is used as jib luffing winch for tower jib working condition; boom connection sections are designed as universal use for boom, tower jib, and fixed jib working conditions; variable cross-section boom sections are universal use for boom and light boom working conditions; tower jib top section and tower jib insert are used for light boom section; boom pendant, tower jib pendant, and fixed jib pendant are designed for universal use.

5. Quick and efficient assembly/disassembly technology

XGC300E crawler crane has a completely self-assembly/disassembly function. Mast realized easy and quick operation of raising/lowering, mast derrick realized self-assembly/disassembly of undercarriage track frame, car-body counterweight, turntable counterweight and boom sections; auxiliary winch with brake and quick changeable pull rope connector ensure quick and easy rope reeving; excellent pendant length configured with “peach”-shaped hole connection pendant improve ever before the machine assembly/ disassembly efficiency and the degree of humanity.

6. Design standards prevailing in developed countries

To meet the international demand, XGC300E crawler crane is designed strictly in accordance with the standards GB/T3811 and GB/T14560, meanwhile adopts the equivalent standards ASME B30.5, EN13000 and ISO 4301 ~ 4309 in the advanced countries, so that the product designs comply with the international requirements for CE, North America, Australia and Russia; meanwhile adopts European and American 3rd stage emission standards for off-road construction machine engines to meet the environmental low-noise requirements.

7. Experience accumulation and ideas sublimation

XGC300E crawler crane accumulated XCMG many years of design and manufacturing experience, and more reflected the accumulation of practice. Large-sized crawler track frame, large-sized box type turntable, dual-line winch drum, universal module components technology ensure the robustness and stability of the basic machine; boom and jib sections with large cross-section large diameter thin wall thickness variable diameter and high strength, organic combination of single and double center hitch, “S”-shaped rope reeving and other technical applications for the machine, improve ever before the ability of the operation equipment; excellent wire rope, large capacity diesel tank, ore filling type welded counterweight, self-lubrication maintenance-free track roller, MC durable nylon pulleys, fiberglass jib decking plate, aluminum radiator, lightning protection, fuel heater, low temperature cold starting device, all these selection sourced in the excellence of our products.

8. Advanced design methods

XGC300E crawler crane is designed with the whole 3D PRO/E parts virtual assembly, non-linear analysis by ANSYS and MATLAB auxiliary programming calculation, ensure every load value accurately calculated with permissible stress method and theory analysis of limit state non-linear; ADAMS dynamic modeling and moving track simulation for each working condition can be precisely controlled; JackTM human modeling and motion analysis provide good and comfortable working environment and lay a good foundation for the operator; ACE-AMESIM virtual simulation of hydraulic system can ensure the actual use conditions consistent with system optimization for primary product design, and ensure smooth curve of operation control and precision of fine motion.

9. Hydraulic system with multiple safety protection

XGC300E crawler crane adopts the international and domestic famous brands of key hydraulic components, hydraulic load sensitive LUDV proportional pilot control system, and load feedback control technology, to achieve that the selection of load-independent flow distribution, large displacement pump and motor reducer fully ensure the safety margin for all the actuators.

10. Electrical control with fine motion and precision

XGC300E crawler crane adopts the software programming platform of Germany-based Hirschmann iflex5 controller CODESYS and 1131, and adopts CAN-bus technology to connect engine, PLC controller, digital display together to ensures safe and reliable operation, intelligent fault diagnosis and inspection, and precise control. The system components through personalized purchase can make the machine to adapt to the harsh environments of cold, heat, windy, and high altitude for stable operation.

11. Wide application and only one choice

XGC300E crawler crane belongs to medium and large tonnage crawler crane, can be widely used in the following ranges:

(1) Transport infrastructure:  subway, high-speed rail, road, bridge and culvert;

(2) City construction:  municipal, stadium, building and plant;

(3) Energy equipment installation:  petrochemical, oil refining, metallurgy, coal;

(4) Large parts lifting and transport:  port, dock, shipyard, steel plant;

(5) Power construction industry:  wind power, nuclear power, thermal power, hydropower.

12. Tailored for the customers

XGC300E crawler crane can meet the demand of partial petrochemical lifting and wind power equipment lifting, capable of lifting small towers, tanks, and partial 1.5MW wind power equipment with small radius and large lifting capacity; boom H96, with lifting height up to 92m, working radius 12m, lifting capacity 76.6t; fixed jib H84 + F9, lifting equipment positioned to the height of 90m, working radius 16m, lifting capacity up to 76.4t.

XGC300E crawler crane does not need to purchase a special jib, an independent one machine can carry out all the lifting operation for 6m~8m diameter TBM equipment, save purchase cost for customers, meet the needs of metro TBM lifting requirement. HB24 + F9 for TBM condition, the maximum auxiliary hook block lifting capacity 130t, and to achieve a overturn lifting of total load 172t with main hook block plus auxiliary hook block.

No.Parts nameModelManufacturer
1Engine systemEngineCummins QSM11 (Euro III)Cummins
2Hydraulic systemMain winchMotorA6VRexroth Germany
ReducerGFTRexroth Beijing
Aux. winchMotorA6VRexroth Germany
ReducerGFTRexroth Beijing
Luffing winchMotorA2FRexroth Beijing
ReducerGFT80Rexroth Beijing
SwingMotorA2FRexroth Beijing
ReducerGFB60Rexroth Beijing
TravelMotorA6VRexroth Germany
ReducerGFT450Rexroth Beijing
Pump groupMain  pumpA8VRexroth Germany
Slewing pumpA4VRexroth Germany
Valve blockMain  valveM7Rexroth Germany
Control systemMain winch luffing handle4TH6Rexroth
Aux. winch swing handle4TH6Rexroth
3Electric controlLoad moment limiterIFLEX5Xuzhou Hirschmann
4Swing systemSlewing ringDQWA2500.50T  or 131.45.2500.002.04.03F2Rothe Erde /Maanshan
5Wire ropeMain winchΦ28Oliveira/ArcelorMittal
Aux. winchΦ26Oliveira/ArcelorMittal
Luffing winchφ 26Oliveira/ArcelorMittal
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