Crawler Crane


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1.High lifting performance, wide application range

1)Boom max. lifting capacity/radius 135t/4.6m, boom max. load moment 722tm.

2)Fixed jib max. lifting capacity 20t.

1.2.Easy transport

1)Basic machine max. transport weight only 36.2t, max. transport width only 3m.

2)Transport without removing mast and winch.

2.3.Complete self assembly/disassembly system (Optional Function)

1)Use mast for assembly/disassembly of left/right track frame, superstructure counterweight and boom.

2)Counterweight raising mechanism to achieve assembly/disassembly of superstructure counterweight, work easily and quickly.

3)Car-body and track frame, boom and turntable, turntable and counterweight, all pin shafts use hydraulic power connection, easy for assembly and disassembly.

3.4.Four sets of supporting roller added in central crawler frame, reduced the wear to track shoes, and make more stable travel.

5.Improved design of operator’s cab support to reduce the impact to the cab during transport.

6.Fine motion control of main pump flow added to make more stable operation.

7.Control system is electronic proportional pump control variable system, simple, reliable, with good fine motion performance.

8.Hoist system uses electronic control + pressure cut-off type variable motor, to avoid the second decline and improve operational safety.

Max. rated lifting capacityBase boomt135
Fixed jibt20
Max. load momentt.m722
Boom lengthm16~76
Boo elevating angleBoom working condition°30~80
Fixed jib working condition°30~80
Angle between fixed jib and boom°15°,  30°
Fixed jib lengthm13~31
Main hoist winch max. single line speed (no load, at 5th layer)m/min120
Aux. hoist winch max. single line speed (no load, at 4th layer)m/min112
Main luffing winch max. single line speed (no load, at 5th layer)m/min2×45
Max. slewing speedr/min1.5
Max. travel speed (high speed / low speed)km/h1.3 / 0.4
Mean ground pressureMPa0.089
Engine output powerkW206
Total vehicle mass (main hook block, full counterweight, 16m boom)t122
Max. mass of single unit in transport statet37
Max. dimension of single unit in transport state (L×W×H)m11.0×3.0×3.3

Working conditionBoom combinationMax. lifting height (m)Working radius (m)Max. lifting capacity (t)
Boom16~76 m774.6~66135
Fixed jibBoom 37~64m9314~7820
jib 13~31m
Single topBoom headIncreased 1.5m11.5
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