Crawler Crane


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1. Convenient Transportation

1) Maximum transportation weight of main machine only is 32.5t and maximum transportation width only is 3m. 

2) It is unnecessary to dismantle mast and hoist

2. Equipped with Safe and Convenient Full-self Dismantling/Installation System 

1) Dismantle and install left and right crawler frames, disassemble/assemble superstructure counterweight and hoist boom (optional function) with mast.

2) Counterweight hoisting mechanism may realize self dismantling and installation of superstructure counterweight for convenient and fast purposes (optional function).

3) Frame is connected to crawler frame, boom is connected to slewing table, slewing table is connected to counterweight with power pins for convenient and fast purposes.

3. Control cabin tray is improved on aspect of design so that the impact on control cabin may be reduced in the transportation.

4. Hydraulic proportional pilot control system is used. The system is simple and reliable, and has excellent inching capability.

5. Hoisting system utilizes pressure shut-off variable motor which may prevent slipping phenomenon of secondary hoisting and improve operating safety.

Max. rated lifting capacityBasic-form main boomt100
Stationary auxiliary boomt15.6
Max. Lifting Torquet.m575
Length of Main Boomm19~73
Luffing Angle of Main BoomWorking Condition of Main Boom°30~ 81
Working Condition of Stationary Auxiliary Boom30~ 81
Length of Stationary Auxiliary Boomm13~25
Max. Single Rope Speed of Hoisting Mechanism (Non-load, Fourth Layer)m/min110
Max. Single Rope Speed of Main Boom Luffing Mechanism (First Layer)m/min34
Max. Slewing Speedr/min1.4
Max. Traveling Speedkm/h1.3
Average Ground PressureMPa0.087
Engine PowerkW206
Overall Weight (Main Hook, Full Counterweight, 19m Boom)t104.5
Max. Mass of Single Piece in Transport Statet32.5
Max. Size of Single Piece in Transport State (L × W × H)m10.5×3.0×3.35
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