Chinese Ambassador to Mongolia Xing Haiming met with XCMG Chairman Wang Min

On July 23, Chinese Ambassador to Mongolia Xing Haiming met with Wang Min, XCMG Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee, and Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export. Song Xuejun, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, attended the meeting.

Wang Min and Chinese Ambassador to Mongolia Xing Haiming

Ambassador Xing Haiming first extended his welcome to the visiting team led by Wang Min. Xing said that currently the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Mongolia has developed rapidly and reaped plentiful and substantial fruits in pragmatic cooperation such as economy and trade; China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative has achieved deep connection with Mongolia’s “Development Road” strategy. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mongolia. Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan visited Mongolia not long ago, which injected new vigor into the development of China-Mongolia relations. Chinese enterprises have also ushered in new development opportunities in opening up their business in Mongolia. It’s believed that XCMG will grab the opportunity and continue to exert itself to constantly expand its market in Mongolia and offer itself up to the pragmatic cooperation in economy and trade between the two countries. 

Wang Min introduces to Ambassador Xing Haiming the development of XCMG

Wang introduced to Ambassador Xing the development of XCMG in recent years. Since General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected XCMG on December 12, 2017, XCMG has kept General Secretary’s ardent instructions firmly in mind, adhered to globalization strategies, spared no efforts to exploit the international market and made gratifying achievements. In 2019, XCMG ranks sixth in the global construction machinery industry, and its products have been exported to over 183 countries and regions. The list still goes on.

Wang said that Mongolia is not only a close neighbor of China but also an important channel for the “Belt and Road” initiative to open to the north. In recent years, Mongolia infrastructures has been developing rapidly and has great market demand for construction machinery. XCMG has actively responded to “the Belt and Road” initiative, promoted Chinese manufacturing, Chinese technologies and Chinese standards to go abroad, unceasingly explored Mongolia market, provided Mongolian clients with higher-quality construction machinery services, brought benefits to local people, and made its own contributions to the development of China-Mongolia relations!