Rotary Drilling Rig


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The equipment adopt the wheel type chassis,can be transported with drill rod,made the transportation easily and economically;

Cummins electronic control turbo supercharged engine meeting Euro Ⅲ emission standard,saving energy,envioronmental protection and strong power;

The type A leg make the equipment operate easily,and improved the ability of anti-distortion;

With the hydraulic pressure system adopted the technique of load sensor,which can increase the efficiency of hydraulic system and save energy;

The double protection system of aboard rotary make the construction more safer;

The patented parallelogram articulated structure actuailizes a wider work rang.The highly strengthened box-type steel structure design makes the mast of highly-righly and anticontored,therefore the drill accuracy is heightened;

Standard centralized lubricating system,allowing easier maintenance.

Max. Drilling DiametermmÆ1400
Max. Drilling Depthm25
EngineModel/CUMMINS QSB4.5-C155
Rated PowerkW116/2000
Rotary DriveMax. output torquekN .m100
Rotary speedr/min9~40
Pull-Down CylinderMax.pull-down piston pushkN100
Max.pull-down piston pullkN100
Max.pull-down piston strokemm2000
Main WinchMax.pulling forcekN100
Max. single-rope speedm/min70
Diameter of the steel wire ropemm20
Auxiliary WinchMax.pulling forcekN60
Max. single-rope speedm/min54
Diameter of the steel wire ropemm16
Drilling mastLeft/right inclination of mast

Front inclination of mast°±5 / 5
Rotary table slewing angle°240
Hydraulic SystemWorking pressureMPa35
TravelingMax. traveling speedkm/h78
Min.turning diameterm21
Min.ground claerancemm340
Approach angle°21
Departure angle°18
Max.grade ability%30
Overall Drilling Weightt32
DimensionWorking condition(L × W × H)mm9900×4600×14640
Transportation condition(L × W × H)mm10740×2500×4380
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