XCMG Annual Report 2017: A Year in Review

In April, XCMG proudly presented its annual report of 2017 and first quarterly report of 2018. With the advent of economic globalization and region integration throughout the year, XCMG was not solely acknowledged as a leading construction machinery manufacturer in China but also took center stage in the world. Capitalizing on the opportunity of improved demand and benefiting from a 6.9 per cent rise of China’s GDP in 2017, XCMG delivered an excellent performance which yielded impressive results.


2017 Performance Overview

In 2017, XCMG achieved a revenue of 29.131 billion yuan, with net profit attributable to the parent company’s 1.021 billion yuan. Benefited from the massive demand from various infrastructure projects, XCMG achieved an operating income of 10.784 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2018, with a year-on-year growth of 79.79%, representing an unprecedented growth in its single-quarter revenue. While the flagship products such as cranes and road machinery take the lead in domestic market share, it is anticipated that other products such as scrapers, excavation machinery, concrete machinery, and pile-driving machinery will have a soaring growth.


Trailblazing Innovative Capacity

In the midst of an era which R&D inputs are essential to keep abreast of the technological trends, XCMG has been devoted to accelerating technology innovation and manufacture world-class products in fields such as artificial intelligence, digitalization and system integration with tremendous resources input. In 2017, XCMG invested nearly 5.51% of its income into R&D investment, with half of it being used in core technology research and construction of major experimental facilities. As of the end of 2017, XCMG has owned 4493 patents, and 10 products (including XE3000 crawler excavator, GR3505 grader and XCT80L6 truck crane) which drive higher efficiency, shorter cycle times and lower cost, were awarded as the top 50 Chinese construction machinery products in 2018. Our success in the 2017 fiscal year shows that XCMG is charting a stable course into the future.


Expanding its International Network around the Globe

XCMG never neglect the significance of globalization, and its initiative to take an active role in the global economy. This has become a cornerstone of the success in 2017. After over 20 years of exploration, XCMG has developed and localized its business capabilities through export and import, cross-border M&A and international R&D, enabling its industry-leading products, services and innovations to integrate into, and influence communities throughout the world, particularly for regions along the Belt and Road. By far, the company has already established a comprehensive marketing network covering 64 countries in Central Asia, North Africa, West Asia, Europe and the Asia Pacific with 14 spare-part centers and 18 offices around the world. This global network has delivered maximum customer value in the aftermarket for XCMG and provided an impetus for the surging growth in 2017.



Looking Forward: Opportunities under Complex Challenges

The world today is undergoing profound changes such as global trade and uncertainties in financial markets that pose challenges for the construction equipment industry. To consolidate and enhance XCMG’s competitive advantages of construction machinery, XCMG will continue to advance its industrial upgrading and productivity levels. A more active role in global participation is also foreseen, by opening up new segments and seeking new sources to expand our business, especially in fields such as information technology, aerial work platform and fire trucks. What is more, XCMG is going to expand its market share around the world, implementing strategies on emerging markets and developing countries. The strategic planning is going to bring another wave of prosperity to XCMG.