XCMG Pump Truck Serves CEMEX Dubai Project

Recently, a “Golden Pump Truck” from China has slowly pulled into the CEMEX Dubai Concrete Co., Ltd., which caught the eyes of employees and they watched and took pictures. The pump truck is produced by XCMG Group with the length of 56 meters. It is the pump truck produced by Chinese companies with the longest boom that CEMEX Dubai Concrete Co., Ltd. has purchased so far.


XCMG HB56K Pump Truck is Unveiled in Dubai


CEMEX is a global construction material company that provides high quality products and reliable services to customers throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. XCMG concrete pump truck stood out among many brands this time to help the construction of CEMEX Dubai project due to XCMG’s deep cultivation and strong brand influence in the international market. The cooperation between XCMG and CEMEX is a model of unification between energetic enterprises and demonstrates the strength of XCMG as one of the several companies in China with core pumping technology and manufacturing technology of large-scale pump truck boom.


XCMG HB56K Pump Truck is Unveiled in Dubai


In 2012, XCMG acquired Schwing, a global leader in concrete machinery. XCMG Schwing is a joint venture company established by XCMG after acquisition of Schwing. It assumes the mission of transforming German technology. Over 70 years of XCMG experience and 100-year German technology have been perfectly integrated and brought together into a unique high-end quality.


XCMG Schwing has practiced the gold standards of “leading technology, everlasting products” to continuously improve its technical level and product quality, regularly selected technical personnel and skilled workers to go to Schwing for learning and training, established and improved the Sino-German talent training mechanism to ensure leading advantages and reliability of products.


Closing Ceremony for XCMG Acquiring Schwing