XCMG Makes Presence at China-Laos Railway along

Days ago, XCMG and its local dealers organized the Promotion of XCMG products in 乌多姆赛省, known as the “capital city of wealth”in the northwestern part of Laos, so as to meet the huge demand for XCMG equipment in Laos, upgrade clients’ recognition of XCMG products and increase the influence of XCMG brand in the local market.

At the promotion, XCMG exhibited a number of machinery including excavators, loaders and concrete machinery. The promotion was attended by more than 100 local clients and government officials from Laos and China. Lao clients expressed great enthusiasm for XCMG products. After making visit and trial riding, they gave great praise to XCMG products. Many units of XCMG machinery were sold at the promotion.



Group photo taken at XCMG promotion in Laos


XCMG held the promotion in Oudomxai Province mainly because the China-Laos Railway representing deep friendship between the two nations runs right through the province. On April 6, 2017, China-Laos Railway Oudomxai Province section commencement ceremony was held in Mount Nuwa Tunnel in the province. At present, the railway is under construction. The many Laos clients at the promotion will participate in the railway construction after purchasing the XCMG products. In this way, the railway will be completed as soon as possible, thus becoming a “railway of friendship connecting Laos and China”and a “railway of happiness that helps Lao people get rich quickly”.  

China-Laos Railway starts with the border between the two countries and reaches Vientiane, the capital city of Laos in the south. The railway adopts China’s technical standards and uses China’s equipment. Stretching 414km in length, it is an integral part of the middle line of Trans-Asian Railway, the important project along the Belt & Road and No. 1 Project in Laos.



Overview of China-Laos Railway


Laos is known as the Roof in Southeast Asia because the mountains and hills take 70% of territory in the country. As a result, the construction environment along the China-Laos Railway is very complex. 60% works along the entire railway are bridges and tunnels. In this bad working conditions, XCMG products, thanks to their exceptional performance and reliable quality, live up to the expectations and work hard to contribute to the construction of China-Laos Railway, and serve Laos clients and local constructors. Since China-Laos Railway was commenced in 2017, XCMG has become the priority provider of machinery for the railway. Its concrete machinery, crane machinery, earthworks machinery and piling machinery are seen everywhere along the China-Laos Railway.

As a client said on the site, “China’s aid and its Belt & Road Initiative have planned the future of China-Laos Railway; the XCMG equipment from China, in spite of the difficult construction conditions and environment, helps the China-Laos Railway turn from plans into realities.”


Mr. Ma Zhongyi, General Manager of XCMG Export & Import, was addressing the promotion


XCMG equipment presents great splendor at the promotion



XCMG’s dealer in Laos was making the speech


Major client signing ceremony at the promotion


XCMG in Laos


In recent years, XCMG has been active to respond to the Belt & Road Initiative, working harder to expand its overseas market, and explore the markets along the Belt & Road. As the important overseas market of XCMG, Southeast Asia offers holistic support in sales channel, service and PR. Nowadays, XCMG has grown into the largest provider of engineering machinery products and service in Laos, whose brand influence and client acceptance have been considerably upgraded. It has become the priority-choice brand recognized by the clients, whose major products maintain the highest market share among China brands operating in Laos.

XCMG has sales and service networks in Muang Xai, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Suvannakhet, Pakse and other major cities, whose operations can be seen in almost the entire country. In the future, XCMG will continue to provide users in Laos the equipment more suitable for local construction and more considerate service.


XCMG Mixer Station along China-Laos Railway



XCMG pump truck and mixer truck along China-Laos Railway



XCMG crane along China-Laos Railway


XCMG excavator at China-Laos Railway


XCMG loader along China-Laos Railway


XCMG rotary rigger along China-Laos Railway