Concrete Pump


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HB41 concrete pump adopts Hino FSIERV (6X4) three-axle chassis, excellent power performance and good economics. Front X type outrigger could operate on one side, and open semi-outrigger in narrow area. 5-section RZ type folded boom needs small space for boom folding and unfolding. The main vehicle pumping adopts opened delivery technology, fully hydraulic reversing technology, ·intelligent pumping damping technology, small pumping reversing impact. The concrete piston could withdraw automatically. The electrical system adopts PLC control with color display screen, showing the running parameters of the equipment. The application of the engine energy saving technology and trouble-shooting technology improves the economics, reliability and safety of the concrete pump.
It is the first 40m concrete pump with three-axle chassis in China, and the first machine adopting X type outrigger, and the first concrete pump adopting 5-section RZ type folded boom for 40-m level in China.
Category Item Unit   Parameter  
Chassis Model     FS1ERV Actros3341 FM
Manufacturer     Hino Germany BENZ VOLVO
Max. speed   km/h 85 85 90
Max. gradeability   46.30% 61.90% 30%
Min. turning diameter m 17.8 19.8 18.4
Brake distance   m ≤7 ≤7 ≤7
Wheelbase   mm 4640+1310 4500+1350 4900+1370
Tread (front/rear) mm 2050/1855 2034/1804 2019/1834
Approach angle/departure angle 22/10 16/10 18/10
Min. clearance mm 245 300 270
Tyre specification     295/80R22.5 315/80r22.5 12.00R20
Engine Model     E13C TL OM501LA.|||/17 D13
Output power   kw/(r/min) 302/1800 300/1800 294/1800
Max. torque   N.m/(r/min) 1618/1100 2000/1080 2000/1050
Displacement   12.9 11.946 12.8
Emission Standard   Nation III GBIII Nation III GBIII Nation III GBIII
Other Dimension (length x width x height) mm 11100x2500x3990 11060x2500x3990 11350x2500x3990
Total vehicle weight   kg 30500 30600 31400
Fuel tank capacity 400 400 400
Fuel consumption per 100km │/100km 33.3 40 40
Pumping operation
Category   ItemITEM   UnitUNIT ParameterPARAMETER  
Pumping system Theoretical output(high pressure/low pressure)   m³/h 70/140  
Concrete pumping pressure(high pressure/low pressure) Mpa 11.8/6.38  
Theoretical pumping times(high pressure/low pressure) 次/min 15/27  
Max. diameter of pumping concrete aggregate   mm 40  
Feeding height     mm 1530  
Pumping slump range   cm 12月23日  
Placing boom Reach height   m 40.5  
Reach depth   m 27.5  
Slewing radius   m 36  
Slewing angle   ±270  
1st boom stretch angle   90  
2nd boom stretch angle   180  
3rd boom stretch angle   180  
4th boom stretch angle   240  
5th boom stretch angle   250  
Outrigger span Outrigger longitudinal span   mm 7800±50  
Front outrigger transverse span   mm 8350±50  
Rear outrigger transverse span   mm 7200±50  
Other Dosing type       S valve  
Lubricating method       Automatic lubrication  
Controlling method       Manual/remote control  
Water tank capacity     | 600  
Max. pressure of water pump   Mpa 2
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