XCMG Rotary drilling rig favored by australian customers for the infrastructure construction

Australia – August 21, 2017 - The successful export of XCMG XR130E rotary drilling rig to Australia has once again demonstrated Australian customers’ high acknowledgement of the excellent quality, performance, specification and reliability of the company’s rotary drilling rig.

Wang Liandong, XCMG business manager in Australia, illustrates the three major characteristics of XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E, which attract Australian customers. Firstly, it has effective mechanism for the efficient transportation of the machine with drilling rod. The drilling rod of XR130E is 2.5m wide and 3.5m high, facilitating the smooth transportation of the whole machine. Secondly, high cost performance. XR130E possesses cutting-edge technology, which is capable of fully satisfying the demands of high-end market. Adopting imported engine, XR130E could meet European Emission Standard III, and IV. Also, it has high power reserve, which makes it more available to receive timely and highly-effective after-sales service for local customers in Australia. Thirdly, multiple functions in one machine. Diversified drilling rig configurations for option, it meets the highly-effective construction needs in different strata. Meanwhile, XR130E has multiple functions, including optional cylinder pressurization, hoisting pressure, casing drive, long spiral, high-speed throwing soil and others so as to satisfy specific requests.

Regarding the scarce land and high utilization rate in Australia, XCMG’s rotary drilling rig has been making adjustments to fit the actual working conditions, making the complete machine much “slimmer” but capable of drilling the land. Meanwhile, for the sake of maintaining the equipment stability, the power head is also improved to allow drilling to be more accurate.

For the sake of meeting local’s operation standard, the function of remote control has been added to XCMG rotary drilling rig. The escalators and ladders set around the machine for climbing have increased the number of bump protection facilities and carried out the passivation of the sharp corners for the safety concern. The company has also performed the people-oriented adjustment to the cab based upon the shape and sitting posture of European and the US customers. In terms of drilling tools, XCMG also made tailored adjustments to fit the needs of local customers. 

The large-scale structural parts of XCMG rotary drilling rig have lifelong warranty in Australian market. Meanwhile, XCMG has established a very complete spare parts system in the area, with spare parts center in Melbourne, Sydney and etc. The set-up of spare parts center substantially reflects the company’s customer-oriented service concept as any emergency could be properly dealt with. Perfect spare parts system and 24-hour standby service staff has greatly impressed local customers.

In the future, more and more equipment from XCMG will be fully involved in the infrastructure construction of Australia, for instance, tunnel boring machine for metro construction and trenchless equipment for municipal construction.