[Commemorate the 70th anniversary of PRC founding] A faint but determined glow will light up the dream of a powerful country in manufacturing

There is a dream in everyone's heart.

Some are great,

Maybe a magnificent achievement.

Some are small,

Just little drops of joy.

Yet every dream is a streak of light,

Illuminating the future and bringing us courage, enthusiasm and warmth.

"What a big factory here. This is the first time I see so many excavators, and I'm so  excited!" Li Mengyu, a student in Class 2, Grade 3, Banlou Primary School, Biantang Town, Jiawang District, exclaimed happily.


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, more than 50 teachers and students from Banlou Primary School visited XCMG and, with hopes and dreams, started a wonderful journey of construction machinery themed on "light up the dream, making it possible".


On the initiative of the public welfare concept of "XCMG, making the world a better place", XCMG has planned and launched a series of public welfare projects. As one of the most valuable and caring activities, "Tiny Wish" of XCMG Hope Primary School accurately targets the left-behind pupils in poor areas and send them care and warmth. At the same time, this activity also enables children to get close with construction machinery, love Chinese manufacturing, and become a new force in building a beautiful China and a better world in the future.

At the activity, the students were excited to receive the gifts from Zhang Lina, Deputy Head of XCMG Brand and Cultural Development Department, Ding Beibei, Vice Chairman of XCMG Labor Union, Zhang Liangwen, Principal of Banlou Primary School, Yu Aijun, Party Secretary of XCMG Excavator, Zhao Wei, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Truck-mounted Crane, and Chen Yanpeng, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Environment Technology.


You are the future of our country and also the future of Chinese manufacturing industry. It is sincerely hoped that you will keep moving forward, be brave enough to embrace the responsibilities and make the "China Dream" come true eventually.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 30th anniversary of the founding of XCMG. Li Yitong, student representative of Banlou Primary School, presented XCMG with creative gifts drawn by themselves as a blessing to the motherland and XCMG!

Weighing 700 tons and as high as a three-story building, "First Excavator of China" manufactured by XCMG stood majestically. When the children saw the largest tonnage excavator in China, they couldn't help exclaiming, "Wow, how big! This is the biggest excavator I've ever seen!"

Subsequently, excavators demonstrated powerful skills in "champagne tower", "calligraphy show”, etc. The programs drew wild screams and cheers from the children. Meanwhile, "little basketball player" played by the children had a slam dunk contest with these excavators, and bursts of cheerful laughter filled the whole activity.

In the "LEGO splicing" game, children built a variety of high-rise buildings, factories and various excavators with blocks. Every look and movement of the children made XCMG people feel their innocence and kindness.

"Buffet lunch" and "birthday party" brought children special warmth. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, this "birthday party" made the children feel extremely proud.

"Nailed it! I haven't dropped any of my ping pong balls!" in the "remote-controlled excavator crossing obstacle" competition, the children were all attention, watching their excavators crossing one obstacle after another and cheering happily.

"Small wishes for big dreams." The public welfare activity named "Tiny Wish" organized by XCMG Hope Primary School has been held for three consecutive years since it was launched in 2016. During this period, 181 volunteers, on behalf of XCMG, gave out 2,585 gifts to students from 8 Hope Primary Schools.

From September 16 to 25 this year, 76 XCMG volunteers went to 8 XCMG Hope Primary Schools all over the country. 827 poor, left-behind and single-parent pupils were given 827 gift packs to light up their dreams with love and responsibility.

Achievements of small dreams

contribute to the realization of the great China dream.


ignites every desire in the hearts of left-behind children

with warmth and happiness;

kindles the lamp of love in their mind

with sincerity and enthusiasm.

At the historic moment of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China,

dream of youth, dream of China and dream of a powerful country in manufacturing are intertwined.

XCMG will march forward courageously and take the great responsibility

to make the "China Dream" come true eventually

and create a better future world!