Salute! May the dead rest in peace and the living be strong Deep condolences to the martyrs and compatriots who died in the fight against COVID-19

Tomb-Sweeping Day, April 4, 2020


Lines of XCMG products honked and saluted

XCMG people mourned for 3 minutes

in memory of the dead heroes and compatriots

This morning, national flags at XCMG global factories lowered to half-mast

At this moment, the flag was lowered for the heroes and compatriots

XCMG 23,000 employees

Whether at work or at home

Whether in China or at abroad

A silent salute was worth a thousand words

This moment of silence was the most solemn farewell

This past winter

should be the longest winter in my memory

Many movements

were forever frozen in those days

Never again can walk into the spring sunshine

And their contribution

was to make more people see the spring

In some battles,

no fire was heard, but the charge

On some battlefields,

no smoke was visible, but sacrifice

Chairman Wang Min said

At this moment,

the memory of the heroes

was also to better inherit their legacy

After the outbreak,

XCMG equipment

 has successively assisted Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin, Xuzhou,

In the construction of Xiaotangshan Hospital

A total of 332 XCMG equipment participated in the field operation

Building a life rescue channel for the nationwide fight against the epidemic

 “How can it be said that there is no monument, mountains and rivers are monument

 What's the use of leaving a name? The heart is the name. "

Remember them

is the best memory

Try to live

is the best commemoration

Chairman Wang Min said

This extraordinary period

and extraordinary event
will further strengthen our confidence

to climb the summit of construction machinery Everest

The dead are gone

How sad to be apart forever


let's use a special way

to mourn and miss

for every life lost in the epidemic

All subsidiaries of XCMG Group

paid tribute and remember them

with gray WeChat public account

May the dead rest in peace and the living be strong!