XCMG's Global Colleagues Build up Strength to Meet Challenges and Embrace Healthy Living

During this critical time where the world is battling against COVID-19, XCMG, leader of the Chinese construction machinery industry has resumed work early, embracing new challenges and seeking development opportunities in the crisis. XCMG has been contributing to the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by offering support through various means including facilitating the orderly resumption of work for enterprises. 

Whenever the country is in need, XCMG will offer support. On February 10, the country resumed work. XCMG work resumption rate reached nearly 70%, with more than 20 XCMG subordinate enterprises resuming work. On March 3, XCMG resumption rate reached 100%. Operations returned to almost exactly where it was before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Apart from actively raising funds and materials to help fight the COVID-19 at home and abroad, XCMG also effectively promoted production and management, and accelerated independent innovation, achieving high-quality production.

XCMG’s global colleagues have shouldered the responsibility and possessed the courage to fight with attitude and the power to reach the top with confidence to win, expressing national feelings, and providing important support for the stable operation of Xuzhou’s economy.

In contemporary society, the development of enterprises cannot be separated from the healthy growth of employees,and it is very necessary for the enterprise and the employee to be of one mind. XCMG has always been concerned about the physical and mental health of its employees. Thus, XCMG launched the Total Health Program with the interests of its global staff at its core. This project originated from the international concept and idea of being “Intrinsically Safe", which puts emphasis on prevention at its core. This concept focuses on improving people's immune systems and resistance against various health risks and challenges they face from themselves and the environment.

XCMG has always adhered to the principle of "people-oriented", ensuring that employees can fully feel the warmth and care given by the XCMG family. XCMG spares no efforts to improve employees’ happiness index. This not only enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, but also builds a community of common destiny for the enterprise and the employees that is valuable, civilized, and responsible.

Ever since XCMG launched the Total Health Program, each XCMG colleague has voluntarily and happily participated in the discussion. At the same time, XCMG also uses different applications such as "Health Partner", "Health Card" to help employees make personal health goals and continuously increase the awareness of self-management and self-improvement.

In face of the COVID19 outbreak, XCMG mixed reform of the state-owned enterprise has started, firmly marching towards the goal of globalization and internationalization. Wang Min, President and Chairman of XCMG, said in a letter to XCMG's global colleagues:"2020 is the first year of the ‘Three-Year Strategy towards the Top of Mount Everest’. We had a solid start in the global market in Q1. This year we put forward the main strategy of internationalization, which all strategies should serve. Although we have encountered unprecedented difficulties and challenges, XCMG’s goal of internationalization will never waver. Challenges and benefits coexist, opportunities and risks work side by side. With the best and most admirable steel-like workforce in the world, we’ll face danger head on. And I will stand with you through this test. We’ll have to make greater sacrifices, greater efforts, and greater dedication than ever to help XCMG achieve success! "

No winter lasts forever, every spring is sure to follow. On the way to become a respected world-class enterprise, XCMG’s global colleagues from all over the world are building up their strength for the climb to the top of Mount Everest, looking forward to meeting the opportunities and the challenges of globalization, and to embrace better health and better future.