Amid Covid-19, XCMG’s Full Line of Crane Equipment Marches into Europe!
Amid Covid-19, XCMG’s Full Line of Crane Equipment Marches into Europe!
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Recently, good news keep pouring in from Europe

All-terrain crane, truck crane

Rough-terrain crane

Crawler crane, tower crane

Telescopic crawler crane


XCMG’s full line of crane equipment 

 Meets customers’ high expectations in tough times

During the pandemic, all the products sold in the

European markets have been delivered.


The full line of XCMG’s cranes is available now in European market


XCMG’s rough-terrain cranes are delivered in the Eastern Europe market despite the pandemic

Since the coronavirus struck, China and Europe have been helping and supporting each other with closer ties. In the meantime, one of XCMG’s European dealers made calls, sent messages and emergency emails repeatedly to follow up the delivery...Though miles apart, we can still understand that European customers are experiencing pressure in their operation and are deeply worried about the impacts of the pandemic.

Can XCMG deliver goods on time during the pandemic? Can CE certification be obtained as scheduled? Is customs clearance possible? Will XCMG’s new technologies become reality? If these answers are negative, what to do if the construction is delayed?

During the pandemic, XCMG’s service staff is with the rough terrain crane equipment all the time

With customers’ questions in mind, XCMG paid great attention to every detail, including technical restructuring, production organization, trade settlement, training, packaging and shipping, as well as delivery. When XCMG service technicians and 14 golden XCMG rough-terrain cranes are delivered to Europe on schedule, the customer immediately decided to place three additional orders!


China and Germany make a formidable combination, XCMG’s all-terrain crane becomes well-known in the EU

As the birthplace of cranes and the most important global technology market, Germany represents the world’s largest all-terrain crane market! Meanwhile, Germany is also internationally recognized as a market with the strictest security requirements, the highest technical standards and the most complicated access procedures.


Customized XCMG “Chinese Dragon” drives in the Bundesliga home court, and facilitates work and production resumption in the tourism and traffic industries


By virtue of the track record of core technology, independent intellectual property rights innovation, and the platform of European R&D center, XCMG has made a formidable combination of Chinese and German technologies possible. The 3 axle XCA60_E, 4 axle XCA100_E, and 5 axle XCA130_E all-terrain cranes have all been in the EU’s markets! XCMG has become the only Chinese manufacturer that has passed WVTA in Germany and the EU!

XCMG’s 3 axle all-terrain “Town Elves” travel freely in Europe

Today, from Ruhr Industrial Base-the heart of the world’s heavy industry, to the maintenance of Europe’s top football league stadiums; from modern central cities in Western Europe, to the beautiful fairy towns in Eastern Europe... XCMG’s all-terrain cranes perform beyond the construction’s strict requirements and standards and delivered high-quality lifting performance!

XCMG’s 4 axle all-terrain “Lifting Hunter” works in Ruhr, Germany

XCMG’s 5 axle all-terrain “Omnipotent Warrior” delivered to European customers


As a role model in China-Europe industrial collaboration, XCMG’s truck crane is sought after by European customers

Despite the outbreak’s uncertainties in Europe, the production of truck cranes at XCMG’s Poland factory is still in full swing! Truck crane is economical in construction, efficient in operation and simple in maintenance. XCMG’s G-generation truck crane has already become a well-deserved king in the global industry.

XCMG’s truck crane has got access to the European market

Through thorough technical planning, strategic collaboration with European engine manufacturers, fine production quality control, and rigorous test certification and licensing, XCMG has efficiently assembled and delivered truck cranes in Europe during the outbreak while passing both EU certification and licensing, and immediately received orders from customers in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and other countries!

The outbreak did not stop the production of XCMG’s truck cranes 


Facilitated by crawler cranes and tower cranes, XCMG’s full line of lifting equipment has become a more significant presence in the European market

XCMG’s crawler cranes and tower cranes are indispensable in building the world’s most formidable lifting combination! During the pandemic, with strong commitment and careful organization, XCMG’s crawler cranes and tower cranes also shouldered their responsibilities, and delivered high-quality products to European customers.

The heads of the European project give XCMG the thumbs up 


In the scenic Balkan Peninsula, logistics, staff attendance, and the purchase of auxiliary materials were in trouble due to the pandemic, making European customers quite anxious...Crawler cranes and tower cranes require on-site installation and commissioning. Therefore, if the on-site assembly did not go well, the subsequent construction will be more unpredictable.

XCMG’s tower crane assists the construction of the “Belt and Road” project


At the sight of XCMG’s rigorous and careful shipping, accurate and professional assembly, skilled technicians, and XCMG’s crawler cranes and tower cranes standing in the blue sky of the beautiful Balkan Peninsula as scheduled, European customers gave XCMG the thumbs up from the bottom of their heart, and repeatedly shouted “XCMG, our best choice!” 

How many possibilities will we embrace in the future?

Recently, a “crawler chassis, car assembly” model delivered by XCMG once again drew attention from the European market...because it works perfectly and efficiently! The chassis of this equipment allows it to run on bumpy roads and gullies, and overcomes all difficulties, it’s like the equipment is showing the spirit of XCMG workers; despite all the pipes, lines, and other obstacles in the sky, this equipment can lift easily and accurately!

Telescopic crawler crane

How far can XCMG go

In the post-pandemic era

More XCMG crane innovations will show up in Europe


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