Tapping into the high-end market! XCMG’s Customized “Blue Armor” Debut in Australia
Tapping into the high-end market! XCMG’s Customized “Blue Armor” Debut in Australia
Release Date: 2020.07.14 Views: 4259

Recently, two customized XCMG’s XGC300-I crawler cranes made its first appearance in Australia - a global high-end market. XGC300-I crawler crane raced against international construction machinery brands in a local mine project, making national brands’ strength visible in global competition.

As one of the markets with the highest standards worldwide, the Australian mining market has long maintained strict standards for access. The tough construction environment in the mining area calls for higher quality requirements on product performance, safety, operation comfort, and maintenance convenience. The product must comply with both EU CE certification standards and a series of customized requirements of Australian customers.

On that basis, over 20 professional upgrades were carried out on XCMG XGC300-I crawler crane in color, style, function, etc., to produce high-end, high-tech, customized high-quality products. They successfully passed rigid design registration and equipment inspection. Despite the implications of COVID-19, the products arrived in Australia and were put into use. Their performance was unanimously recognized by the local customers.

 “From mining graders, mining excavators to crawler cranes, XCMG went from strength to strength in the Australian market, and XCMG’s line of products have delivered one-stop solutions that keep facilitating the construction of Australian mine projects. Nowadays, XCMG is increasingly trusted and favored by Australian customers,” said the director of Australian lifting service leaser, also a long-term partner with XCMG.

Remaining committed to the strategy of going global, the XCMG crawler crane continues to unfold its strength through intensified and detailed work in overseas markets.

XCMG’s 1250T crawler crane was exported to other countries three times, breaking and still maintaining the record as China’s largest crawler crane for export by tonnage; in the African market, a single project won the bid for an order of more than 200 crawler cranes, representing the largest crawler crane order for export within the industry; to date, XCMG crawler crane is sold to more than 70 countries and regions, with a rising market share in overseas mid- to high-end markets. Crawler crane continues its record and glory in XCMG’s journey to the outside world.

Breakthroughs in overseas high-end markets are a testimony to the fact that XCMG’s independent innovation and product quality win international recognition, and that XCMG has become far more competitive in the global market. XCMG wins with its technology and quality. With a focus on technological innovation and a major strategy of going global, and as a top player in global construction machinery, XCMG is bound to become the world’s first-class enterprise with global competitiveness and take the lead in making Chinese equipment a must-have for the world’s equipment.

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