Why XCMG excavators popular again in Indonesia?
Why XCMG excavators popular again in Indonesia?
Release Date: 2021.04.30

Customized products

Fleet delivery to Indonesia market

Special equipment, large tonnage model

Breakthrough again

Go overseas with "high end customization"

The popularity of XCMG is convincing!

Customized models to local conditions, winning the trust of customers

Indonesia is extremely rich in mineral resources and is the world's largest producer of nickel ore. Sulawesi is located along the equator and is the most important mining area in Indonesia. The climate is hot and humid throughout the year, the rainy season is long, and the environment is harsh, which brings great challenges to constructions.

Aiming at the demand of mining project

XE550DK large tonnage excavators are delivered

Engines are with customized torque curve, good fuel economy and strong power. The hydraulic system is optimized and upgraded, offering superior performance, stable output, and higher efficiency. The working device and walking device are strengthened, with higher durability, reliability and mobility. With more comfortable and safer driving environment, intelligent information management and control system, "people-oriented" design concept, leaving a deep impression on customers.

Aiming at demand of grabbing

XCMG hydraulic grabs are delivered

With the enhanced working device, it has longer grasping distance, higher grasping height, greater grasping depth and greater lifting force. The operation efficiency is significantly improved and the use cost is low, which is highly appreciated by customers and operators.

Aiming at demand of iron smelting waste treatment

Carry out customized improvement

Developing special equipment

----XE370CA excavators with high temperature resistance

High temperature resistant glass and paint and super high power air conditioning system allow customers to have comfortable and cool operation experience in high temperature construction environment. Solid cab net improves the safety of operation and gaining widespread trust and praise of customers.

Serving customers wholeheartedly, showing XCMG's brand value and responsibility.

In order to ensure the smooth development of the project, for the repair, maintenance and use of excavators, XCMG service engineers have carried out professional operation training for the operators to maximize the performance of products.

The rapid response and the dedicated service on standby 24 hours a day provide another guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment.

It is reported that under the strategic background of the "dual cycle" and "Belt and Road" initiative, XCMG has deepened its efforts in overseas markets, accelerated its main strategy of internationalization, and won the reputation of customers with its outstanding product performance and attractive services. Export orders have been flooding in.

XCMG always focuses on high quality, strides towards world-class and creates value for customers efficiently and stably. At present, XCMG excavators have made great progress along the “Belt and road” countries as well as high-end markets such as Europe, America and Australia.

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