Lift 1,926-ton Tower Overseas! What a Show! XCMG 4000-tonnage Crawler Crane in Saudi Arabia!

XCMG 4000-tonnage crawler crane, No. 1 in the world, completed its first operation in Saudi Arabia at end of October, drawing worldwide attention. At the same time, XCMG, a world-class construction machinery brand from China has once again become the focus of the world. After this successful mission, XCMG 4000-tonnage Crawler Promotion Conference aiming at “Road and Belt Construction” and “Vision 2030” was held in Damman, the Eastern Economic Hub of Saudi Arabia.

More than 200 representatives from local and China-invested enterprises in Saudi Arabia gathered in the conference.

As the largest manufacturing base of construction machinery in the world, China has seen the launching of its great pillars, such as the “No. II Blue Whale” sea drilling platform, the “Jiaolong” manned submersible, the China FAST, the big airplane, and “the best crane in the world”, as well as constantly generated innovations. Zhao Liuqing, the commercial minister-counselor of Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia said that the successful operation of XCMG crane overseas showed the strength of China equipment and technology, which made XCMG and even Chinese manufacturing proud. This operation is bound to promote the cooperation between XCMG and major construction projects in Saudi Arabia.

Zhao Liuqing, Commercial Minister-counselor of Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia, makes a speech


Heavy and tall, this crane has powerful strength. XGC88000, which is part of the lifting operation in Saudi Arabia, is a crawler crane with the largest lifting capacity of 4000 tons in the world. Jointly developed by XCMG and Sinopec, the crawler crane boasts 3 world’s first technologies, 6 internationally leading technologies, and more than 80 national patients. In terms of technical strength alone, this crane tops similar products, worthy of its reputation as best crane in the world.

XCMG 4000-tonnage crawler crane in Saudi Arabia


At the conference, Chen Weidong, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Division and General Manager of Crawler Crane Company said, XGC88000, as “the pillar of the country”, is characterized by large load, omnipotent in all working conditions, self-walking under load, strong adaptable to the foundation, and convenient assembly. It has worked in a number of major projects in China, hitting the record of hoisting up to 128.05m and 2155 tons.

Chen Weidong, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division and General Manager of Crawler Crane Company, makes a speech


XGC88000 is just an excellent epitome of XCMG products, among which there are 1600-tonnage all-terrain crane, high house-power mining grader, 700-tonnage mining excavator, 12-tonnage loader and other competitive products. At the conference, customers were deeply interested in XCMG cranes, with order of intention signed  reaching value of more than ten million dollars.

Cooperation brings benefits and prosperity. XCMG 4000-tonnage crawler crane firstly operating in Saudi Arabia represents the cooperation between XCMG and Sinopec to go overseas market.

Liu Quan, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import &Export Co., Ltd, makes a speech

According to Liu, the “Road and Belt” initiative created unprecedented opportunities for the cooperation among countries along the “Belt and Road”, and the interconnection projects involved a lot of infrastructure investment, which injected driving force for XCMG to climb to the Top Five or even Three among the global construction machinery enterprises.

Guided by globalization strategies proposed by Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, more and more high-end customers in the world choose to cooperate with XCMG for win-win results. XCMG is welcomed all over the world.

XCMG signing with dealers in Bauma, Germany, 2019

No matter how high the mountain is, you can always reach the top! XCMG 4000-tonnage crawler crane, the best one in the world, has taken the lead in reaching the summit. XCMG will forge ahead towards the pinnacle of global construction machinery industry.

Group photo of personnel at the conference