Storming all over the Volga River! XCMG truck-mounted crane made its debut in Kazan!

Recently, a "feast" of heavy machinery was staged by the Volga River in Kazan, Russia. XCMG’s latest truck-mounted cranes specially designed for the cold region in Central Asia made their first appearance and aroused considerable attention in the local construction machinery industry.


"It's easy to operate, user-friendly and comfortable to drive. It's specially designed for the cold area. Really great!" This was the true feeling of Mr. Elibert, a Russian customer, after his test drive of XCMG truck-mounted cranes.

SQS200RU-6, a Central Asia type multi-boom truck-mounted crane newly developed by XCMG,

with ultra long operating radius up to 19.5m! Lifting height reaching 21.5m!

Super large operating range + lifting capacity far beyond other products of the same tonnage!

Technologies of new multiple-rate automatic hook retraction + load expansion crane control,

perfect for the cold and high-intensity working conditions in Central Asia!

"King of machinery for ice & snow conditions" provides ultimate user experience!

Faster! Safer! More efficient!

At the first product promotion meeting, the Central Asia series multi-boom truck-mounted crane SQS200RU-6 became the center of attraction as soon as it appeared. With its excellent performance of flexible boom stretching & retracting, stable performances, construction simulation and smooth operation, more than 20 orders and over 100 orders of intention were obtained.

In this festival of friendship and cooperation, Wu Yingqin, Consul General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Kazan, spoke highly of XCMG's outstanding contribution to promoting bilateral trade and friendship between China and Russia, and fully affirmed the significant role of XCMG products in facilitating the local economic construction and development of Russia.

During an interview with local media, Sun Xiaojun, Party Secretary and General Manager of XCMG Truck-mounted Crane said all kinds of XCMG special vehicles represented by truck-mounted cranes performed well in the cities and districts in many countries and regions along the “Belt and Road". The arrival of XCMG new products in central Asia will further expand the international market.

Speech by Zhang Meng, Assistant General Manager of XCMG Import and Export

Under the background of economic globalization, XCMG Truck-mounted Crane actively responds to the call of national "going out" strategy. Relying on over 10 years of innovation and technology accumulation, and targeting the international market, XCMG Truck-mounted Crane focuses on the field of "high-end, world-class" products, provides different markets with different products as appropriate and launches more suitable and reliable customized models.