Digging at three kilometers above sea level, XCMG underground diaphragm wall grabber in Tibet


Digging in Tibet for the first time

Another new height: XCMG diaphragm wall grab debuted in the area 3 km above sea level. On November 1, 2019, XCMG XG500E diaphragm wall grabber for commemorating the 70 anniversary of the founding of new China has been delivered to Tibet, assisting the water engineering projects in Tibet area.


The project supported by XG500E during its trip to Tibet is the construction of cut-off wall in Lhasa City. Since the engineering geological conditions in Tibet are special and affected by hydrology and meteorology, the construction of cut-off wall is also complicated.

XCMG XG500E in the construction site


Thick overlays in Tibet put strong requirements on high-strength turntable platform and TDP chassis with independent technology. XCMG R&D personnel communicated with the customer, studying the engineering drawings and customizing the construction plan.

XG500E can be hoisted and lowered at a high or low speed is provided with 1400kN thrust oil cylinder, which enhances the ability to crush harder strata such as mudstone and iron plate sand, and the construction efficiency under special geological conditions since the trough was successfully formed on the day of delivery. In the later period, this product also provides more friendly and timely services to fully guarantee the construction schedule of the project.

XG500E works in Tibet


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