Fight against the "epidemic" without expecting any reward! Thumb-up for these hoisting heroes!

Be strong, Wuhan


As a fortress for virus blocking action - in the front line of the construction of "Huoshenshan" and "Leishenshan" hospitals in Wuhan as well as "Xiaotangshan" hospital in Henan, thousands of builders work all day long without a break, race against time and fight against the epidemic, building a flat land into a “safety island” providing timely medical treatment for the patients!


 Night view of Huoshenshan hospital construction on January 27, 2020

Source: WeChat Official Account "DJI Innovations", 8KRAW Photographer | Luo Hao


In the face of the epidemic, they take the initiative to fight and go up against it.


In the late night of January 23, hundreds of excavators and bulldozers arrived from all over Wuhan to work overnight on the plot of Wuhan Workers' Sanatorium by Caidian Zhiyin Lake. On the 26th, after foundation work such as site leveling, gravel backfilling, and trenching excavation were completed, the construction of the first batch of box-type plank houses in Wuhan Huoshenshan began. At this time, the hoisting equipment already waiting in the outfield were put into use seamlessly for the subsequent construction.


It is understood that as early as the New Year's Eve with the family reunion, Wuhan Zhuoli Hoisting and Wenwei Hoisting have been ready to take action and respond to the orders of the construction party, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd, and always ready to enter the site to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Almost at the same time, Cao Qiang, director of Wuhan Representative Office of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division, organized the establishment of “Wuhan XCMG Crane Emergency Support Group”, started to gather local crane resources, and took charge of coordination, communication and service assurance, ensuring full support for the voluntary work of the hoisting workers and the project construction.

On the evening of January 24, Zhuoli hoisting equipment entered Huoshenshan


In 10 days, two hospitals with more than 2600 beds will be built! The tight schedule and heavy task have become a sword hanging over the heads of all engineering machinery operators fighting for epidemic prevention, forcing them to speed up the construction progress in the countdown.



"Many operators have already returned to their homes, so I have to communicate with the project side and the government for their traffic permits. Each of them is very helpful. They all sign up voluntarily." From 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve to now, Hu Hu, general manager of Wuhan Zhuoli, has always stayed at the project site of "Leishenshan" in Wuhan, attending to project coordination and logistics communication personally. In 5 days, Zhuoli has input 13 cranes and a team of more than 20 people.


The operation of loading and unloading the container plank house by hoisting equipment is carried out between land leveling in the early stage and bed placement in the later stage. Thus, it is necessary to squeeze out time for the later stage rather than during the later stage. Hu Hu said frankly, "We need to finish the installation of 2,000 plank houses in three days, and complete the delivery on February 5. We have to work on a 24-hour shift, and it's normal for us to sleep only two or three hours a day."


With heavy responsibility, ready for action and victory at all times.


The epidemic is the order, and the scene is the battlefield. With the acceleration of the project progress and the increase of the demand for hoisting equipment, a large number of hoisting enterprises capable of quick response have sprung up in Wuhan. They gave up the chance for reunion during the Spring Festival, did not hesitate because of the danger in the epidemic area, and volunteered to go to the scene without counting the cost or expecting any reward.


In addition to the hoisting companies in cooperation with the construction party, more than 20 hoisting enterprises have been rallied by “Wuhan XCMG Crane Emergency Support Group” in 5 days. By the evening of January 29, 28 sets of XCMG hoisting equipment have been delivered to the construction sites of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals.


"The operators are very enthusiastic. They came forward and volunteered to work at the front line. Despite the 24-hour shift adopted, they don't feel tired after a day's work." Gao Qingjiu, general manager of Wuhan Gaofeng Hoisting Equipment Rental Co., Ltd., said with emotion. After the official news of the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital was released, the company immediately issued a Letter to All Employees, encouraging everyone to spare no effort and take the fight the epidemic as the top priority, and received positive response from more than 40 operators who stayed in Wuhan. "We have worked out a detailed operation plan and schedule. So far, 9 vehicles have been sent to the site. Our company has 43 cranes and more than 40 operators in Wuhan are ready for this fight at all times."



Facing the tight schedule, respond by relay all the way and fight together against the "epidemic"


The construction of two hospitals in Wuhan is pushing forward, and "Xiaotangshan" hospitals in Henan and Beijing are under emergency construction. All these projects are featured by tight schedule and quick response. A large number of engineering machinery operators once again fight in the vanguard and are brave enough to take on heavy responsibilities.



At the construction site of Henan "Xiaotangshan" Hospital, Henan Jingang Hoisting arrived at 10:00 on the second night of the lunar year, 12 cranes kept working without shutdown and 18 crane operators worked in two shifts.

Two 25t cranes of Zhengzhou Hongshuai Hoisting arrived at the site overnight. "Our main purpose is to do our duty in the fight against the disease. Party members are obliged to work on the front line, and get ready for action at all times." The words of veteran Hong Shuai are simple and sincere.


 Zhengzhou Shanchuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. dispatched several excavators, plate trailers and cranes to participate in the construction.


At 11:30 a.m. on January 27, Premier Li Keqiang visited the construction site of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and expressed sincere sympathy to the construction workers struggling on the front line. Li Keqiang said, "Fast progress does not mean poor quality. The completed project must have the function of infectious disease prevention, and the quality and safety of the project should be put in the first place. Can it be achieved?"


"Yes!" The voices of the builders on the scene were loud. This is the firm belief of the builders present. The commitment made to the prime minister is also the commitment to people in Wuhan, Hubei and the whole country! We will definitely achieve victory in the fight against the "epidemic"!