As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG has transcended the traditional business philosophy of putting profit before all else in order to meet its economic and moral responsibilities by emphasizing its contributions to customers, employees, partners, the environment, and society, and dedicating itself to green manufacturing, green R&D, environmental protection, energy conservation, reducing emissions, and developing a circular economy, all of which exemplify the company's strong sense of social responsibility.


In recent years, XCMG has actively explored and made remarkable achievements in all technical fields relating to energy-saving products. For example, it developed an energy-saving loader, which received awards such as The Most Influential Product of 2012 in the China Construction Machinery Industry and China Top 50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year 2013 for its excellent technology and brand awareness. The company developed the industry-leading QY25KQ crane truck fuelled by natural gas, which represented the very best of green manufacturing in the China construction machinery industry.  XCMG produced a new-generation highly efficient energy-saving mechanical road roller with a single steel drum which became a green pioneer and put XCMG at the forefront of the industry again as soon as it was launched; and XCMG's concrete demonstration base, the largest in China, adopted a new-generation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly concrete machinery products and introduced advanced technologies like GPS cloud scheduling and ERP intelligent production management to achieve a complete recycling of materials and zero emissions of dust, noise, waste, and sewage.  


Thanks to an independently developed product control system and the use of LNG as engine fuel, the LNG series of products is economical, has a single composition, large storage volume, few harmful pollutants, and good safety and reliability, which effectively reduces product costs, facilitates repairs and servicing, and ensures user safety.

LNG Loader

LNG Loader

In 2010, XCMG launched the world’s first LNG loader and was the first company in the industry to achieve serial production and bulk sales of the product, heralding an industry trend of new-energy engines.

Energy-saving: helps reduce fuel costs by nearly 40% and reduces fuel expenses by RMB 150,000 per product, on average.

Environmentally friendly:Environmentally friendly: reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 0.88 tons per ton of diesel oil replaced by LNG.

LNG Cane

LNG Cane

In 2012, XCMG released the world’s first LNG truck crane, which uses a natural gas engine with dual mode technology to easily meet the National IV emissions standard and achieve low-carbon operations, thereby promoting the application of new-energy engines throughout the industry.

Energy-saving: uses natural gas as engine fuel and reduces operation costs by nearly 40%.

Environmentally friendly:Environmentally friendly: reduces carbon emissions by 50% and emissions of inhalable particles to nearly zero.

LNG Series Truck-Mounted Mixers

LNG Series Truck-Mounted Mixers

XCMG's LNG series of truck-mounted mixers use natural gas as the main fuel type and were the first in the industry to achieve serial production and bulk sales. They are an outstanding product series from among XCMG's energy-saving products.

Energy-saving: saves more than RMB 60,000 in fuel expenses per product each year.

Environmentally friendly:Environmentally friendly: reduces carbon emissions by 50% and emissions of inhalable particles to nearly zero.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology

XCMG pooled its technological advantages to carry out in-depth studies on gasoline-electric hybrid engine systems and actively apply it to product R&D. This system converts pressure from the swing overflow and main pump overflow into electric energy, which is transmitted to the motor to provide auxiliary power.

XE215HB Hybrid Excavator

The XE215HB hybrid excavator is a new energy-saving product independently developed by XCMG, featuring excellent fuel economy and outstanding operating performance, making it a stand-out product in XCMG's energy-saving series.
Energy-saving:real-time and precise hybrid control technology means the XE215HB hybrid excavator is 25% more efficient than traditional hydraulic excavators.
Environmentally friendly: the high-efficiency and energy-saving hydraulic system effectively improves operating sensitivity, controls the response speed, and reduces energy loss.
Reliable: effectively resolves shortcomings (like insufficient power and high cost) resulting from sheer electric swing. Equipped with an advanced remote management system and supports remote fault diagnosis.

Energy-Saving Technology

Energy-Saving Technology

XCMG is committed to researching and applying key energy-saving technologies like low rotating speed, transmission matching, hydraulic vibration, and shockproof equipment frames. So far, it has successfully applied and popularized a series of road rollers.

Low-Speed Road Roller

In 2012, XCMG was the first company in the industry to develop the energy-saving XSJ3 product series with a low rotation speed, which greatly improves the road roller’s maneuverability and driving, compacting, and repairing performance.
Energy-saving:increases compacting efficiency by 8% and fuel efficiency by 10%
Environmentally friendly: reduces noise by 2 db.
Reliable: new electric control handle contributes to a significant improvement in operating comfort, and clutch buffering has improved the clutch system’s reliability.

Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Environmentally Friendly Equipment

XCMG places great emphasis on environmental protection and provides complete sets of solutions for urban environmental protection. It also endeavors to develop new eco-friendly equipment, in order to effectively resolve issues related to urban waste disposal, secondary pollution prevention and treatment, and waste recycling, as well as improve the efficiency of urban waste disposal.

Crawler Crusher

XCMG’s self-developed crushing machine, which is part of the national key environmental protection program, is used to turn construction waste into recycled aggregate and recycled building materials.
Energy-saving:consumes very little power and is capable of making self-adaptive adjustments to its working parts thanks to precise power matching and advanced real-time feedback technology.
Environmentally friendly: effectively recycles crushed waste, while reducing energy consumption and noise. Thanks to its unique dust removal technology, it also reduces secondary pollution.


In order to meet its economic and moral responsibilities, XCMG has always stressed its responsibilities and contributions to consumers, employees, partners, the environment, and society. It has also paid constant attention to the issues of environmental protection, energy conservation, and reducing emissions, strived to develop a circular economy, and promoted social harmony and environmentally friendly development.

  • Cylinder Plating

    Cylinder Plating

    Saves energy by 20-30%, and greatly reduces the volume of chemicals used and wastewater emissions
  • Robotic Spray Coating

    Robotic Spray Coating

    Increases paint utilization rates from 40% to more than 60%, reduces labor intensity, and improves stability and consistency of painting quality
  • Disposable Protective Clothing

    Disposable Protective Clothing

    Ensures the occupational health and safety of employees
  • Centralized Solar Heating

    Centralized Solar Heating

    Improves the utilization rate of green energy
  • Automated Welding Line

    Automated Welding Line

    Reduces dust emissions by 40%, greatly reduces arc welding dust and harm to the human body, increases working efficiency by more than 20%, and greatly improves welding quality