Standing beside Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, XCMG Cranes Look Brilliant in the Chinese New Year Period

Dubai has never celebrated China’s Spring Festival in such a splendid way as it is seen this year. During the Chinese New Year period, Burj Khalifa Tower presented the most magnificent light show in Dubai, which is recorded extensively in the form of video and photos in WeChat Moments of numerous Chinese people. The festivity atmosphere in Dubai might be even denser than that in China, if we do not consider those family members and friends who are far away from us back in China. In addition to fireworks, lights, performance show and other traditional celebrations, the Chinese people who work overseas are making their New Year greetings to the motherland in their own way.

The dazzling light show on Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai


XCMG people who work overseas are giving New Year greetings

In Dubai, the most fantastic city in the world, XCMG cranes add the Chinese elements and colors, in their own way, to the Spring Festival spent on the foreign territory. In the Chinese New Year period, a few new XCMG cranes were present at the site to expand the surrounding of a building close to Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the highest architecture in the world. The golden body of these cranes shone brilliantly together with the Khalifa Tower.


XCMG’s QY25K-II crane in urban construction in Dubai

XCMG’s QY50K raised its long left arm in the midst of skyscrapers


The golden XCMG machinery stood beside the Khalifa Tower at night


In recent years, as the Belt & Road Initiative is being implemented, more and more XCMG cranes have been seen worldwide, contributing to global construction. In 2017, export of XCMG cranes rose by 37.84% YOY. And 81.3% of XCMG’s crane export was attributed to countries along the Belt & Road. XCMG now occupies the largest market share in 25 countries, with its market share in 27 countries recording positive growth. Thanks to the exceptional export volume, excellent product performance, wonderful after-sales service and extensive customer praise for XCMG cranes, it has become the top brand in Africa, West Asia & North Africa, and Asia Pacific region.