XCMG has setup another overseas large-scale spare parts center

On the morning of July 23, colored flags were waving and fluttering and giant machines were towering at the opening ceremony of XCMG Mongolian Spare Parts Center. Song Xuejun, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, Wang Min, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG, Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import and Expor, Grileod, Chairman of Mongolian AODE Group, Na Qing, the General Manager, and industry tycoons from Central Asian countries all gathered to witness the launch of XCMG Mongolia Spare Parts Center.

With the official start-up and operation of XCMG Mongolian Spare Parts Center in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, XCMG officially established a four-level spare parts supply system constituted of Xuzhou Headquarters, Erenhot Distribution Center, Ulaanbaatar Spare Parts Center and spare parts warehouse in the mining area. This system can provide Mongolia customers with complete sets of machinery, spare parts and all-around services, and significantly enhance the market competitiveness of XCMG.

Steel giant shows it strength

At the activity, Counsellor Song Xuejun spoke highly of the prominent contribution XCMG has made to the economy of Mongolia. He said that XCMG has developed rapidly in Mongolia with the acceleration of infrastructure construction in Mongolia in recent years. XCMG equipment can be seen everywhere at local construction sites, showing its tremendous strength and making contributions to the friendship between China and Mongolia.

Song Xuejun, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Mongolia delivers a speech

Wang Min said that the Mongolian market has always been a key market to XCMG. As the first Chinese construction machinery brand to enter the region, XCMG has joined hands with Mongolian AODE Group in opening up the market and full series of products such as XCMG loaders and mining excavators since 2007. After many years of development, XCMG has become a renowned brand in Mongolia construction and mining machinery market. XCMG will bear in mind the ardent instructions given by General Secretary Xi when inspecting XCMG on December 12, 2017, continue to exert efforts in its globalization endeavor.

Wang Min, XCMG Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee delivers a speech

Wang Min pointed out that providing customers home and abroad with high-quality products and service is a solemn commitment that XCMG has made. The rigorous work conditions of construction and mining machinery not only call for first-class equipment, but also require timely and considerate services! XCMG always believes that service is an integral part of product. In order to guarantee the full life cycle services of XCMG products, XCMG has invested large sums of money in establishing a global spare parts center network and standardized service system. 

Follow the market closely and serve the world

Export volume of XCMG to Mongolia has been increasing year by year in recent years. Data from China Customs show that in the first six months of 2019, the export volume of XCMG to Mongolia has exceeded the total export volume of 2018 full year, and is an increase of 113% year-on-year, shadowing competitors at home and abroad. XCMG’s large-tonnage mining excavators, loaders, land scrapers and mining trucks have become the preferred brand in the Mongolia!

XCMG equipment at a mine in Mongolia

In order to meet the growing demand for spare parts and services and establish an all-around XCMG global service network, XCMG has joined hands with AODE Group for the construction of XCMG Spare Parts Center in Mongolia since this April, with RMB 20 million in investment and 2,000 square meters in warehouse.

After the official operation of XCMG Spare Parts Center in Mongolia, it will greatly enhance the service and spare parts capacity of XCMG in Mongolia and surrounding areas. It enables XCMG to better provide pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for local clients, and will gradually radiates to Central Asia and surrounding areas by its superior brand advantages and impeccable service network.

XCMG for your success

In recent years, XCMG has been fully committed to providing clients with full life cycle value-added services and is continuously optimizing and improving service system. Since 2011, XCMG has made great efforts to strengthen its spare parts network system overseas. At present, XCMG has nearly 148 dealers for spare parts storage and XCMG has jointly established nearly 50 overseas service spare parts centers with its dealers.

This year, XCMG will continue to focus on the establishment of service system. It will highlight on the construction of spare parts centers and global call service centers in the countries along the Belt and Road, and do its best to provide local clients with a comprehensive, round-the-clock and wide-coverage service network.