Higher and Better Day by Day! XCMG Export Gets off to A Flying Start In 2020


Bidding farewell to the cold winter, we are ushering in the warm spring. Tested by the COVID-19, the Chinese economy is striving forward to tackle the difficulties head-on with the recovery strengths from all walks of life. A few days ago, XCMG recovered its production capacity fully and handed in an excellent "answer sheet" of international development. From January to February 2020, XCMG Export had bucked the trend and got off to a flying start, winning two crowns of "No. 1" in the whole construction machinery industry brand and self-support export.

Bucking the trend is a hard-win


According to the newly released customs export data of the construction machinery industry, XCMG's exports increased by more than 20% and self-support exports by nearly 50% amid the severe situation of industry exports falling by 20% in January and February due to the Spring Festival holiday and COVID-19 outbreak in 2020. While leading all manufacturers in the industry by a large margin, this was an inspiring and outstanding contribution to the export of Chinese construction machinery!

2020 is the first implementation year of XCMG's master strategy of internationalization. With the ringing of New Year bell, the loaders group of North American customized version XC949, wearing red armors and lifting high their buckets, embarked on the overseas journey from the large-tonnage loader intelligent manufacturing base of XCMG.

Since then, in Malaysia, both XCMG haulers and off-highway dump trucks had broken the sales of “a thousand units"; more than 100 XCMG excavators had been exported to Southeast Asia again; hundreds of XCMG equipment had gone in shipment in spring; China-Europe trains helped XCMG to delivery equipment ... ... All these “good fights”, one by one, have attracted attention worldwide. Attending the International Building Materials Exhibition Egypt 2020 and Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition 2020, XCMG's wonderful performance is overwhelming and dazzling every time!

Working hard to fight against the pandemic


At the end of March, the recovery power in Chinese economy was gathering. Statistics showed that except Hubei Province, the average operating rate of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the country exceeded 95% and work resumption rate of SMEs was over 70%. Key national foreign trade enterprises had basically resumed work, 70% of whose production capacity recovery rate had exceeded 70%. And XCMG had already led the industry in scientific work resumption before that.


"We restarted work on February 10, and the resumption rate reached 100% on March 3. That was the same capacity before the epidemic." said Chairman Wang Min. He also told reporters that XCMG had guided suppliers to resume work safely and adjusted production plans scientifically to guarantee the supply of oversupplied products, key products, and products urgently needed by the market and seize overseas orders. Since work resumption, various indicators of XCMG have seen “higher and better day by day”.

In the face of the epidemic, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention, XCMG overseas managers started earlier to seize market opportunities. During the Spring Festival, managers in overseas countries gave up the vacation, extended the period of being abroad, and stick to the front line overseas.


At the same time, driven by continuously prosperous international orders, master machine manufacturing companies of XCMG had arranged the production and work resumption scientifically and strived to ensure the timely delivery of global export orders. Key export orders along the “Belt and Road” and the orders accumulated by overseas customers were also scientifically and reasonably included in the key work of resumption and production. There were even hot scenes of orders waiting for products.


Full support from “Iron and Steel” Alliance

Vast majority of XCMG's overseas customers have expressed their support for XCMG, understood XCMG to the greatest degree, and expressed their willingness to resolutely fulfill orders and their confidence to continue cooperation.

In terms of product exports, supply and demand in various regional markets are stable; as for product transportation, XCMG's "Allied Army" enterprises have also given huge support for overseas exports. Hundreds of logistics and transportation companies, such as China-Europe freight trains and COSCO Shipping, have done their utmost to help XCMG in various transportation tasks, and successfully fulfilled the promise of timely delivery of orders to overseas customers.

The flying start of XCMG Exports has injected momentum into the whole Chinese construction machinery industry which is busy in resuming work and production. It will also become a new starting point on the road of XCMG internationalization 2020.