The Middle East sends the world's second largest transport plane to receive XCMG's special equipment for epidemic prevention!

At 9:20 am on April 3, Antonov An-124, the world's second largest strategic transport aircraft, carrying the first batch of XCMG's multi-functional dust suppression vehicles to fight the "epidemic" in the Middle East, took off from Shenzhen Baoan international airport and arrived safely at the destination on the same day. Since the COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control, this was the first time that a charter plane is used to transport large epidemic prevention equipment, directly flying to the Middle East to fight the epidemic.


As COVID-19 is raging around the world, many countries are severely affected by the fierce development of the epidemic. Based on the concept of a community of a Shared future for mankind, XCMG has actively assisted the international community in the prevention and control of the epidemic and contributed Chinese power and solution to this fight with its precision production.

First batch of XCMG rescue vehicles loaded on the plane


We come to assist far from thousands of miles with one united heart through the wind and rain. This order is the first time that large-scale domestic specific epidemic prevention equipment is exported through e-commerce platform and also a historic breakthrough for XCMG’s multifunctional dust suppression vehicles exporting in batches, which has the significance of milestone.

We must eliminate the isolated information island facing the epidemic. Compared with the SARS outbreak in 2003, now systems and countermeasures for epidemic prevention and control are more complete, and innovative technologies are also developing rapidly.


During the epidemic, XCMG's brother units have worked together to build a bridge that connects customers and manufacturers seamlessly with the XCMG e-commerce platform. Online contract signing and online payment can be done in one go. Taking only about 10 days from platform order to official delivery, cross-border transactions are efficient and convenient.


In an era of a “war” against the epidemic for science-and-technology enterprises, XCMG e-commerce platform has delivered more powerful “scientific ammunitions” for this global fight relying on the big data technology. 

The task of epidemic prevention and control in the Middle East is still arduous, and the time for air transportation of equipment is limiting. In order to ensure the efficient and rapid customs clearance of this batch of aid equipment, XCMG strengthened coordination and communication with civil aviation and border inspection departments. Through multi-department collaboration, a valuable "green channel" was opened for this special transportation.


With a weight of 18 tons for each multi-functional dust suppression vehicle, it was not easy to deliver such large scale equipment by air. In order to ensure smooth air transportation, XCMG Zhilian Logistics dispatched five flatbed trailers and ten drivers to drive day and night with non-stop. After 28 hours, they arrived at Shenzhen Airport at 3 am on April 2, and entered the apron at 7 pm. On April 3, five multifunctional dust suppression vehicles were loaded, delivered, and arrived at the destination airport.

With this batch of XCMG multi-functional dust suppression vehicles arriving in Middle East, local difficulty of disinfection for large area can be solved by mechanized operations. This will serve as a model for China’s co-fighting with other countries against the epidemic to maintain the global public health security.


In the joint prevention and control of the epidemic in China, XCMG multi-functional dust suppression vehicles have raced against the clock to assist more than 100 regions in fighting against the epidemic and helped obtain phased results.

XCMG multi-function dust suppression vehicle, also known as "mist cannon truck", has two functions of spray aspirating and cleaning. By adding a certain proportion of disinfectant to the water, the "disinfection" function can be immediately activated and the vehicle become new disinfection equipment during the epidemic prevention and control period.


During the operation, the multifunctional dust suppression vehicle atomizes disinfectant of certain scientific proportion through high pressure and sprays it from the air-duct. After spraying, the disinfectant volatilizes quickly and thus is harmless to the environment. The product can give full play to its advantages of fast and flexible operation, fine water droplets with strong penetration and long range of powerful spraying, to disinfect and sterilize key areas with full coverage and zero dead angle.

XCMG multi-function dust suppression vehicle helps epidemic fight in front-line area

Global fight against the epidemic for shared destiny

XCMG power to get through the difficultly altogether

XCMG will continue to deliver power to the world with concrete actions

Bring warmth and hope to peoples in epidemic center

Greet the dawn light of defeating the epidemic hand-in-hand