Truck Crane


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lifting performance and driving performance leading comprehensively.

Load-sensitive filtering technique and smoother upper structure control.

Dual-pump-converging technology increasing the luffing as well as extending and retracting operation efficiency by 30%.

Adopting two-section telescopic web jib,having wider operation area and being more convenient to use.

Adaptive design and multiple configuration choices satisfying requirements of the users in Southeast Asia better

Lifting capacity
Max. lifting load30t
Overall length12805mm
Overall width2500mm
Overall height3890mm
In travel configuration
Total weight30000Kg
First axle5750Kg
Second axle5750Kg
Third axle9250Kg
Fourth axle9250Kg
Max. travel speed80Km/h
Max. grade ability40%
Boom4 sections,10.7m~34m
Length of boom + jib48m
Max. lifting height of boom34m
Max. lifting height of boom +jib47.8m
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