Telescopic Handlers


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Product Overview

XC6-4517K telescopic handler is a representative product of our K series telescopic handlers. This product is equipped with imported Cummins engine of strong and reliable power and imported axles and transmission of stable drive. The full-hydraulic wet brake is applied to ensure driving safety. The four-section telescopic boom structure features flexible operations, accurate forklifting, and automatic leveling, with the maximum lifting height up to 16.7m. It's a multifunctional high-efficiency small-sized construction machinery product.


The panoramic cab and the XCMG’s visual identity appearance design feature good fashion and elegance.

Powerful international brand engines; Special CARRARO transmissions and axles for smooth drive.

The international top-level full-hydraulic wet brake system features stable and reliable braking and guarantees driving safety.

The four-wheel drive and multiple steering modes (including four-wheel, two-wheel, and crab steering modes) realize super-strong off-road capability and adapt to diversified working conditions.

The frame leveling function equipped (The body is capable of 10º swing in both leftward and rightward directions) realizes powerful site adaptability and meets the needs of diversified working conditions.

The special overload control system guarantees operation safety and reliability.

The electrohydraulic proportional control for the working system features accurate, stable, and efficient operations.

The leading human-machine interaction system and the instrument, monitoring, and alarm system with complete functions provide you energetically with a comfortable, intelligent, and safe operation experience.

Optional aerial working platform, bucket and various tools to meet customer needs.

Gross weightkg13500
Engine powerkW82/74.9
Rated loadkg4500
Effective load at maximum
forward reach
Maximum lifting heightmm16700
Maximum forward reachmm12600
Center distance of loadmm600
Luffing angle°-4~73
Fork angle°90~18
Maximum traction forcekN≥70
Maximum traveling speedkm/h36
Turning radiusmm≤5000
Braking distancem≤10
Overall lengthmm6960
Overall widthmm2500
Overall heightmm2850
Wheel treadmm2060
Fork lengthmm1200
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