6X4 mining dump truck (55 tonnage) with offset cab platform


Please call:400-110-9999
Code TFW321
Model NXG5550DT
Gradeability  41.70%
Maximum Speed 54.7
Drive Type 6×4
Wheel Base 3600+1450
Engine WD12.336
Displacement/Power  11596/247
Clutch 430 diaphragm
Gearbox 9JSD180A
Gross Mass 55000
Gear Shift Control Mode Soft-operation
Front Axle 10 tons
Rear Axle 18 tons
Speed Ratio 12.169
Frame Breadth(mm) 450
Number of Leaf Springs 14/14
Leaf Spring Thickness 18(20)/26
Fuel Tank 400
Tyre 13.00-25 engineering tyre
Cab Single offset
Compartment 5400,5600× 2800 × 1600
Configuration Instruction  
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