Boring Machine


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Electronic Control System
EBZ200 road header adopts explosive-proof and intrinsically safe switch box and intrinsically safe operation box which are small in volume, light in weight, flexible in operation, safe and reliable; main controllers are mounted in a sealed shell to shield electromagnetic interference effectively; working conditions are displayed on LCD screen, it adopts menu type operation interface and it is flexible and safe to set parameters; it possesses, overvoltage, motor overload, phase loss, short circuit, over-temperature and earth leakage lockout functions etc.
Hydraulic System 
Hydraulic system of EBZ200 type road header adopts constant power, pressure cut off and load sensitivity control. Main hydraulic components adopt products of world famous brands.
Cutting Head
Cutting head is optimized with emulation technique; cutting tooth adopts products from Kennametal Corporation; its layout is reasonable and rock breaking capacity is strong.
Spraying System
Spraying system of EBZ200 type road header consists of internal spraying system and external spraying system. Internal spraying system is to spray behind teeth so strengthen external spraying system; design of external spraying system is reasonable.
First Conveyor
First conveyor adopts straight structure and forms four-connecting rod sliding with insertion boards; changes of length of scraper chain of first conveyor is small when insertion boards are lifted up or placed at the bottom.


Traveling Mechanism
Travelling driving system highly integrates motor and reduction gear with internationally advance technologies; its output torque is large and it is suitable for operation with large dip angle
If there is limit on weight or overall height during transportation, the road header can be disassembled to transport.

Items Parameters
Gross vehicle mass 54t
External Dimensions Length 10440mm
Width Shovel board 3200mm
Body 2520mm
Height Highest point of the cutting head when placed horizontally 2135mm
Body 1720mm
Dinting depth (extensible/inextensible) 520/200mm
Ground clearance 250mm
Positioning cutting Scope  Height (extensible/inextensible) 5100/4460mm
Width (extensible/inextensible) 6500/5670mm
Area (extensible/inextensible) 33/25m²
Gantry height 400mm
Compressive strength in coal-rock cutting ≤90/70MPa
Gradeability ±18°
Travel speed 7m/min
Ground pressure 0.132Mpa
Total power 290KW
Cutting motor power 200/110KW
Pump station motor power 90KW
Supply voltage AC1140V
Power frequency 50Hz
Rotating speed of cutting head 46/23r/min
Loading capacity Star-wheel type/4.2m³/min
Crawler width 600mm
Outside Crawler width 2540mm
Tension type Oil cylinder tension, pallet locking
Spray pressure External spray pressure ≥1.5Mpa
Internal spray pressure ≥3Mpa
Maximum dimensions of  non-removable parts 3.57×1.8×1.56m
Maximum mass of  non-removable parts 5950kg
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