Concrete mixer of 15 suqares


Please call:400-110-9999
Geometric volume: 23.7m³
Agitation volume: 15m³
Maximum diameter of the tank: 2432mm 
Type Model Unit G15ZZ
Performance of mixing drum Geometric volume 23.5
Mixing volume 15
Maximum diameter of drum body mm 2432
Length of mixing drum mm 7009
Angle of inclination  ° 10
Rotating speed r/min 0~14
Charge speed m³/min ≥3
Discharge speed m³/min ≥2
Residue ratio of discharge % <0.7
Range of slump cm 5~21
Hydraulic system Oil pump   international brand
Motor   international brand
Reduction gears   international brand
Hydraulic circuit   Closed type 
Water supply water tank capacity  L 450
Way of water supply   Pneumatic
Complete machine Brand of chassis   Sinotruck
Chassis model   ZZ1317N3667C1
Type of driving   Left-hand drive
Curb weight kg 17600
maximum gross weight kg 31000
Type of drive   8×4
Wheel base mm 1800+3600+1350
Tyre   12.00R20
Means of power takeoff   Power takeoff by flywheel
Notice model   XZJ5311GJB1
External dimensions (length×width×height)mm 11352×2500×4000
Engine Model   WD615.96E
Rated power Kw/r/min 276
Displacement L 9.726
Emission standard   GB III
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