Concrete mixer of 6/8 suqares


Please call:400-110-9999
Rotational speed: 0~14r/min
Feed rate: ≥3m³/min
Rest rate: <0.7%
Type Model Unit GD08FD
Performance of mixing drum Geometric volume 14.3
Mixing volume 8
Maximum diameter of drum body mm 2280
Length of mixing drum mm 4624
Angle of inclination  ° 13
Rotating speed r/min 0~14
Charge speed m³/min ≥3
Discharge speed m³/min ≥2
Residue ratio of discharge % <0.7
Range of slump cm 5~21
Hydraulic system Oil pump   international brand
Motor   international brand
Reduction gears   international brand
Hydraulic circuit   Closed type 
Water supply water tank capacity  L 450
Way of water supply   Pneumatic
Complete machine Brand of chassis   Ford
Chassis model   Cargo 2629
Type of driving   Left-hand drive
Curb weight kg  
maximum gross weight kg 2300
Type of drive   6×4
Wheel base mm 3440+1360
Tyre   12.00R20
Means of power takeoff   Power takeoff by flywheel
Notice model    
External dimensions (length×width×height)mm 8680×2455×3920
Engine Model   Cummins ISB6.7
Rated power Kw/r/min 213
Displacement L 6.693
Emission standard   Euro V
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