K-Series Wheel Loader


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Product Overview

Comprehensive upgrades of working performance, working efficiency, structural strength, service life, daily maintenances, and driving conditions.

With exclusively revolutionary breakthroughs in drive parts and covering parts, this product is intrinsically far leading the industry like products.

The whole series product adopts the super-strong structural design to achieve super-strong power performance, especially for super-heavy-duty working conditions.

With the largest machine weight, super-long machine body, and super-strong power performance and efficiency, LW400KN is leading the like products. The working performance of this machine is closing to that of a 5t product.

Performance Characteristics

Outstanding performance

●High power performance: The 12t industry-leading powerful bucket breakout force guarantees outstanding adaptability under diversified severe working conditions. 

●High working stability: 3,100mm extended wheelbase, 7,978mm extended machine body, and rear-mounted diesel tank ensure excellent working stability of the machine.

●High loading capacity: The standard bucket of up to 2.4m3 capacity is leading the industry like products.

●Fast motions: The total cycle time is only 10.5s, leading the industry.

●Flexible steering: The centering design realizes small turning radius and the load-sensing coaxial flow amplifying steering system features high handiness, flexibility, and efficiency.

High strength

●Both front and rear frames adopt super-heavy-duty structure design, featuring thick plates and high strength.

●The finite element analysis is applied for the critical structural parts to ensure that such parts can meet the demands of diversified dangerous and heavy-load conditions.

●The gross machine weight is 14.5t that is closing to the specification of a 5t product, featuring high firmness and mightiness. 

Long life

●The double-stage dustproof measure is applied for critical hinged joints to ensure low wear and long life

●The wear-resistant blades and teeth feature longer life.

●The hydraulic pipelines adopt double sealing means (DIN standard 24º taper thread + O-ring) to solve the industry’s common leakage problem.

●The easily wearing oil pipes are attached with protective sleeves to prolong their lives.

Convenient maintenances

●The engine hood adopts large upturning gate design in large opening angle to ease

the maintenances.

●The detail design, including central pressure measurement, partially central lubrica tion, and central water drainage, brings you with really comfortable operation convenience. 

●The fuel suction port adopts the built-in small chamber structure to improve the fuel

suction environment.

High driving comfort

●The luxury cab equivalent to the car level is equipped with air conditioning system, featuring large space and broad visual field.

●The longitudinally adjustable injection molded dashboard features high elegance and

comfortable operations.

●The pneumatic handbrake is normally closed by spring and opened by air pressure

and is controlled by button to ensure excellent handiness and labor-saving.

●LW400KN adopts the automatic leveling technology and the electromagnetic lifting

limit technology to achieve simple operations and less impact.

Rated operating load4000kg
Bucket capacity2.4
Machine weight14500±200kg
Max.breakout force120kN
Max.traction force123kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise5.5s
Total hydraulic cycle time10.5s
Min. turning radius over tyres5940mm
Rated Power/Speed125/2200kW/rpm
Travel speedⅠ-gear(F)0-11km/h
Structure and specification are subject to change without notice.In case there is any difference between the description of the machine and the substantial machine,the substantial machine should govern.
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