XCMG Hydrovalve Makes New Breakthroughs in Ocean-engineering Equipment

Days ago, XCMG Hydraulics successfully developed load-sensitive multi-way valve and manual selector valve for a world-famous shipbuilder. The product fully integrates advanced technologies of XCMG Europe R&D Center and its rich experience in hydraulics of XCMG core parts and components. It is able to bring better operation experience to ship windlass system and hatch cover system. In this way, it has made another robust step towards high-end hydraulics.

To meet the need of differentiated supply, the product adopts the innovative way of synergetic design. By inviting host-machine technicians to the R&D process, it has genuinely realized customization. At the same time, to fulfill the “never-fading” product philosophy, XCMG Hydraulics has actively absorbed the established experience of AMCA, a Netherlands company specialized in ocean-engineering applications, so as to optimize system parameters. Meanwhile, it relies on the powerful experimenting capacity of XCMG R&D centers to finish more than 20 types of steering tests by considering the needs of clients, including 250,000 impact tests of main valve in windlass and 20,000 steering tests of manual steering valve to ensure stability and reliability of product in use. Through the advanced technologies such as pre-compensation of integrated valve and variable coordination and matching, it has solved a few technical problems including specific flow in extreme pressure loss and high-pressure leakage in return opening. Even more, it has realized rapid washing and preheating of the system, thus improving the flow capacity by 50% and reducing pressure loss by 40%. The product helps XCMG Hydraulics expand its product line of supplies to ocean-engineering equipment.