All-powerful crane – XGC 260t crawler crane

Hoisting of shield tunneling machine by the XGC260 crawler crane is the most critical link, which assumes heavy responsibility. “Secret weapon” helps undertake important tasks. The “secret weapon” of XGC260 is the advanced stand-alone shield hoisting technology in the industry. The transfer from hoisting with two shield tunneling machines to turnover, hoisting and placement with one shield tunneling machine helps improve 40% operation efficiency and reduce 30% operation cost. It is also the “all-powerful crane” in the hoisting industry. 

Ultra-strong hoisting performance

The hoisting performance is stronger because of the lightweight high-strength cantilever crane, integrated low center of gravity and large chassis design, and advanced 93m main jib and 66m tower jib in the industry. Integrating the functions of shield jib, wind power jib and fixed jib, engineering adaptability of the product is improved for 3 times, and the operation range is widened.

Ultra-strong transportation adaptation

For the global barrier free transportation design, the single maximum transportation weight is 35.7t, the single maximum transportation width is only 3.0m, and the single maximum transportation height is 3.2m. It possesses the highest transportation adaptation compared with products of the same level. The transportation weight, height and width meet the requirements of the strictest road transportation regulations worldwide.


Omni-directional humanized design

With bionics design, appearance of the driver room is fashionable and novel. Through simulation of human body simulation software, the whole operating system is more convenient and comfortable. The driver room corresponds to streamline turntable, exquisite counterweight and energetic coating, which reflects distinctive and excellent overall quality.

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