[Good start for 2018] XCMG Loaders Make Exceptional Sales Performance in Overseas Market

In the first month of 2018, XCMG loaders, in the overseas market, realized sales revenues of more than RMB 100 million and received more than RMB 100 million sales payment, thus consolidating its position as the leading loader manufacturer in the industry.

Best Quality & Performance

The industry focuses attention on the intelligent manufacturing base of large-tonnage loaders. Dozens of XCMG loader units have been exported, including 10+ LW1200K machines, the largest-tonnage loaders in China. In the world market of high-end loaders, XCMG again gives the voice on behalf of China’s machinery manufacturing industry.



Adopting the standard of “leading technology & everlasting products”, XCMG Loaders keeps making breakthroughs in the field of high-end and large-tonnage products with high technical contents and added value, thus laying the solid foundation for them to become the high-end and world-class products.

Hard efforts return: for 28 years in a row, XCMG Loaders remains the largest exporter in the industry. The products are seen in Russia, Mongolia and Brazil, showcasing the great fascination and technical capacity of China’s brands.



Oriented towards Market, XCMG Rebuilds Export Pattern

Based on the construction environment and clients’ operating habits, XCMG Loaders has made adaptive improvements and upgrading of its products. Up to now, it has integrated the desert, plateau, cold-weather-resistant, high-temperature-resistant and high-moisture-resistant products, winning praise from overseas clients and establishing powerful product line catered to various regions.


Cold-weather-resistant model is working in the -50-dgree environment in Antarctic


Forestry model: timber-clamping loader customized for African jungles


Desert model is working in the sandy environment in Sudan

High-temperature-resistant model is working in the hot sun in Mongolia


As the policies of Belt & Road Initiative are issued and implemented, XCMG Loaders, as the leading loader brand in China, is oriented towards the market and actively involved in engineering and construction projects together with XCMG Export & Import and its overseas dealers. It has made field surveys in mines, oil wells, coal mines, highways and other public infrastructure facilities in countries along the Belt & Road, so as to lay a solid foundation for bettering its overseas channels and exporting its products. It has become China’s sole mainstream brand able to compete against the overseas large-tonnage loader products, thus rebuilding the export pattern and highlighting the great power of China’s products.