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Tunnel and Underground Space Construction
XCMG has carefully developed complete sets of special equipment for tunnel and underground space construction, and formed complete sets of construction solutions with free excavation section, high efficiency and good safety, to resolve environmental hazards and cost challenges caused by traditional construction methods.
  • XE400T Tunnel Excavator
    XE400T tunnel excavators, with high-pressure common rail fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation technology used, meet national III emission standard and are characterized by the low speed, high torque, strong power and durability.
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  • XCMG XTR-Series Cantilever Type Tunneling Machine
    XCMG XTR-series cantilever type tunneling machines, with dust removal, cable winding, intelligent safety protection and other functions equipped, have strong rock breaking ability and high construction efficiency and are widely used in various types of tunnels and mine roadway excavation.
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  • TWZ-series Underground Excavation Trolley
    TWZ-series underground excavation trolleys, as special equipment specially developed for underground excavation construction of subway tunnel engineering, apply to soft soil, sand gravel, weathered rock and other stratum operations. The product is efficient, environment-friendly, compact and flexible.
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  • TZ-series Hydraulic Wagon Drill
    TZ-series hydraulic wagon drill, is mainly used in tunneling construction of tunnels, mines and other underground projects, has advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, and environmental protection, and can improve the personnel working environment.
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  • Vehicle-mounted Shotcrete Truck
    Vehicle-mounted shotcrete trucks are widely used in tunnel and culvert construction in railway, highway and other fields. Lengthened luffing, telescoping, and swinging boom provide a wider spray range and more flexible operations.
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  • Composite Earth Pressure Balance Shield Tunneling Machine
    Composite earth pressure balance shield tunneling machine is composed of the cutterhead, main drive, propulsion system and control system. The advanced technology and stable performance have reached the international advanced level.
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