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XCMG, China's First Loader Brand in Export
XCMG, China's First Loader Brand in Export
Release Date: November 06, 2019

From 1975 when XCMG launched the ZL40 loader to standing at the forefront of international loader technology by introducing and fully absorbing foreign large-tonnage technology, XCMG never stops its pace of developing loaders as one of China's earliest loader manufacturers. In recent years, with a full series of 1-12 tons in large, medium and small-sized products, relying on key parts and components with its own intellectual property rights such as gearbox and drive axle, XCMG loaders are very popular all over the world.

According to the latest export data of construction machinery in August, although the industry export fell nearly 11% year on year, XCMG loaders still reached more than USD 200 million in export, growing 16% year on year, nearly double that of China competitors (including foreign-invested brand). XCMG loader has become China's first loader brand in export!

There is a quality called XCMG loader


At a surface mine in Mongolia's vast Gobi Desert where roads are rugged, the weather in September has large temperature difference between day and night. When a gust of wind blows, mine dust rises all over the sky. Under such harsh construction condition, XCMG LW1200KN large tonnage loader still performs well. At construction sites in Australia, Central Asia, Africa and other regions in the world, no matter how bad the local working conditions are, XCMG loader' performance is very eye-catching. Its powerful and durable performance is favored by Rio Tinto, Tsingshan, SBU, Dron, JNMC and other world-renowned mining companies.

As the first fist product of XCMG exported, it has been taking the lead in the industry export for 30 consecutive years, so its popularity in the global market is evident. Each detail of quality XCMG loaders produced with the concept of "Advanced Technology and Long Duration" to reach artifact level embodies the pursuit of excellence of XCMG people. 

Aiming at the international market and focusing on the "high-end and world-class" segment, XCMG earthmoving machinery launched more matched and reliable customized models with better performance. Newly upgraded "UZ" series customized for Uzbekistan, "RU" series customized for Russia and "KZ" series customized for Kazakhstan are improved in working condition adaptability, load capacity, stability under the premise that 90% spare parts can be employed universally. They are more suitable for different countries and various working conditions in different countries.

Customized XC740RU Skid Steer Loader for Russia

XCMG WZ30-25 backhoe loader participated in the construction of the largest amusement park in Uzbekistan


There is a kind of "omnipotence" called XCMG loader


In Southeast Asia where the world's oldest tropical rain forest is located, log mining is extensively carried out here and most of the logs produced are thick and heavy. There are many XCMG large-tonnage clamp loaders working here with 20,000 hours of efficient operation and super capacity, making the customer thumbs up repeatedly.


Excelling in clamping wood, loading coal, highway material construction and so on, the whole series of XCMG loaders is demonstrating the strength of its "omnipotency" 

In recent years, most exported Chinese loaders are 5-ton products, while XCMG loaders find a new path in "value" and "technology" to advance rapidly since 2018 in large tonnage high-end products of 7 tons and above with high added value to take the lead in the export of Chinese large loaders. XCMG enters more and more developed countries and become recognized by overseas high-end markets. The new 7-ton loader, XCMG LW700KN with ZF bridge, ZF gearbox and top configuration has become the world's "king in overload".


There is a service called travelling millions of miles


At the beginning of 2019, XCMG Earthmoving Machinery Business Division issued a "10 thousand and 100 million" strategy for global customers, which means "to be first in the industry to extend one year in warranty period, invest RMB 100 million to support overseas parts warehouse and support overseas goal of exporting 10 thousand XCMG loaders in 2019." XCMG Earthmoving Machinery Global Service of Millions of Miles, Global Loader Star Operator Competition and other activities were successively launched.

In terms of strengthening and improving the after-market construction, XCMG has made great efforts to improve the quality of overseas service, continuously optimized and improved the service system, and increased the inventory of spare parts. At present, there are more than 2,000 service outlets, 40 overseas large spare parts centers, and dozens of new spare parts centers and call centers around the world. A comprehensive, all-weather and all-coverage service network is being presented to customers all over the world.

XCMG Mongolian Spare Parts Center was established in 2019

XCMG East Africa Spare Parts Center

The upgraded XCMG Oman Spare Parts Center


In Central Asia, Africa, America and other regions, XCMG begins from this year to follow XCMG equipment such as loaders in Overseas Service of Millions of Miles Promotion to serve customers actively rather than passively and win trust and affirmation from more and more global customers.


Popularity of XCMG loaders all over the world is just a miniature of its full series of products sailing overseas. According to data from construction machinery industry in August, as China's leading construction machinery enterprise, XCMG once again won the title in export. XCMG, the leading enterprise of Chinese construction machinery, is striding forward towards the goal of "top five and top three" in the world.

To be a world-class brand from China

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