XCMG Hoisting Machinery Made Presence in PCA Exhibition in Thailand

Recently, China’s leading manufacturer of construction machinery XCMG exhibited its XCT truck cranes customized for SE Asia in PCA Exhibition in Thailand. XCMG people’s efforts to expand its presence in the international market are never stopped by the global pandemic. With their actions, they presented to local industry the boutique “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products” of XCMG.

PCA is the most authoritarian crane industry association in Thailand. At the exhibition, fine quality of XCMG cranes, the responsibility and confidence of XCMG people to overcome difficulties and make concerted efforts with friends in the world in the pandemic-control are widely praised by all communities in the society. 

At the event, Mr. Chirute Visalachitra, Director-General of Road Transport of the Thailand Ministry of Transport was greatly attracted by XCMG hoisting machinery. With the company of PCA Chairman Mr. Suthichai Piyarat Worawatsakul, the Director-General got into the cab to experience the “beauty of XCMG precision manufacturing”.

After experiencing XCMG products, Mr. Suthichai Piyarat Worawatsakul raised his thumb excitedly, saying, “XCMG deserves the title of No. 1 brand of China’s construction machinery. XCMG cranes not only have wonderful performance, but also offer excellent operation experience. Design of this specific model perfectly adapts to the habits of Thai operators.”

The two XCMGcranes in the exhibition, XCT30-Y and XCT60-Y, are special models developed by XCMG on the basis of the G-generation crane technological platform, which fully factor in the local climate featured by high temperature and abundant rains.


At present, the crane series not only have super-strong hoisting performance. Even more, they can work nonstop in the 45-degree-celcius environment. Relying on the exquisite processing techniques of XCMG, the products greatly improve reliability and life cycle of parts and components. At the same time, the new energy-efficient hydraulic system equipped on the machines, the low-speed large-torque transmission system, the personalized man-machine interactive system and the appearance design present the greatest beauty of strength and precision, thus touching all clients on the site. Many of them signed international orders on the site to purchase dozens of units from XCMG.

XCMG in Thailand

As the central country in SE Asia, Thailand has been recognized by China’s construction machinery manufacturers as an integral part of their global strategies, and the bridgehead for them to get into SE Asia. XCMG has been present in Thailand market for nearly two decades, having sold thousands units of various kinds in the country.


At the same time, according to demands of local customers, XCMG keeps launching more products that better cater to demands in Thailand market; improves service quality in the country; manufactures products with excellent quality and craftsmanship; and builds itself into the priority brand for local customers.