XCMG X-GSS app has been launched worldwide
XCMG X-GSS app has been launched worldwide
Release Date: December 27, 2021

With the development and popularization of 5G and artificial intelligence technology, data has become an important factor of production. How to quickly open the "toolbox" of application digital transformation, quickly improve service quality and create service value centered on users, and then promote the rapid development of digital industry economy has become a new trend and new topic in the development of construction machinery industry.

On this app, users can query the distribution of devices on the portable, and understand the real-time location and historical track of the device; You can view the startup status, working hours, fuel consumption, engine speed, temperature, pressure and other relevant information of the equipment online, and sort these parameters into analysis reports to further improve the scientific management level and use efficiency of the equipment.

XCMG X-GSS app can provide services under different conditions such as equipment operation, typical failure and maintenance service. When the equipment is in normal operation, the app can analyze the equipment use data and timely remind the user to carry out maintenance; In case of typical equipment failure, app will transmit equipment failure alarm information at the first time to avoid failure in advance; When the equipment needs maintenance services, users can easily submit service applications on the app, control the process status of the whole service process, and view historical service records.

Users can accurately query the product archive information such as parts atlas, technical service manual and maintenance vulnerable parts list customized by XCMG for each equipment through the system; It is convenient for users to understand and use the equipment, order and reserve spare parts more accurately, and further improve the accuracy of spare parts.

Up to now, app has carried 400000 digital products one-to-one corresponding to physical products, spanning nearly 2600 different product models, making "private customization" for each equipment data, and providing global users with accurate, value-added and satisfactory "one-stop" digital services in the whole life cycle.

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