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XCMG Offers a “One Week CEO” Apprenticeship to Young Adults Worldwide
XCMG Offers a “One Week CEO” Apprenticeship to Young Adults Worldwide
Release Date: December 28, 2017

After rounds of global recruitment, 5 top talents were invited to XCMG’s Headquarters in Xuzhou, China to embark on a leadership development journey early December. During the XCMG Apprentice Season 3 tour, One Week CEOs transformed their career by developing leadership skills, learning about XCMG's industrial advantages as well as its highlighted products.

A group photo of One Week CEOs in front of a dump truck


Developing Leadership Skills 


As the highlight of the trip, One Week CEOs were offered a precious opportunity to meet and share ideas with Mr. Wang Min, Group Chairman of XCMG. “Meeting with Chairman Wang was a one-of-a-kind experience," said Hicham, Apprentice from Algeria, who was thrilled to meet XCMG’s management.

One Week CEOs taking selfies with Group Chairman


Apart from meeting Group Chairman, Apprentices also learned a lot of insight into entrepreneurship through sharing sessions with 8 leaders in different XCMG divisions, including business negotiation training to know more about the success of XCMG's Going Global Strategy. ”All the CEOs we met in different divisions are so kind, strong and determined to take XCMG to the top 3 in the world!” Hicham added.


Apprentices learning about the global footprint of XCMG Automotive



Leader from XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. sharing essential CEO skills to Apprentices


Learning about XCMG’s Industrial Advantages

During the tour, Apprentices were offered an opportunity to experience some of the world's most state-of-the-art technologies, including a visit to Asia’s Largest Noise Control Research Laboratory at XCMG's Headquarters, and the company’s intelligent manufacturing factories, such as, excavator, heavy hoisting machinery and more.


Apprentices visiting Asia’s Largest Noise Control Research Laboratory at XCMG's Headquarters


Apprentices visiting the intelligent factory at XCMG Automotive


"The best part of my XCMG experience was the excavator factory! Besides that, I’m very surprised and impressed with the factories and the quality of production methods,” said Aaron, Apprentice from the United States shared how excited he was to see XCMG machines in his country.



“After learning about the intelligent manufacturing process at XCMG this week, I will be able to share with my clients about that and build up their trust for the company,” said Przemyslaw, Apprentice from Poland.



"I’m impressed by XCMG’s rapid development and technological breakthroughs of upscale products," said Yi Tin, Apprentice from Malaysia, who was inspired by XCMG’s achievement.


Immersing in a Machinery Wonderland

In addition to becoming a CEO for a week in the world’s top 10 construction machinery manufacturer, the Apprentice journey is not complete without immersing in the fantastic machinery world. One Week CEOs truly enjoyed XCMG’s full-line machines pulling off various tricks, including excavator taking people’s hats off, excavator shooting basketballs and dancing performance by ET110 “Steel Spider-Man” while appreciating the machine’s highly precise handling. They also explored the state-of-the-art machines with first-hand experience, test-driving G9 Hanvan heavy duty trucks and LW1200K, the biggest wheel loader manufactured in China.


Excavator showing precise actions


A group photo with Hanvan heavy-duty trucks


Dancing performance by ET110 walking excavator, nicknamed “Steel Spider-Man”



Falling in love with “Modern Hercules”, LW1200K, the largest wheel loader manufactured in China



All-terrain crane XCA1200



Test-driving skid steer loader XT740


Falling in Love with XCMG

At the press conference, One Week CEOs enthusiastically shared what they've learned together with their mentors. They had the hardest time saying goodbye to the friends and teams they made within the week.


“The company’s corporate culture and hospitality are really amazing! After my one week with CEO, I made a conclusion that XCMG is a company with a strong spirit, high-quality products and advanced technology,” shared Liidia, Apprentice from Russia, at the sharing session.


A group photo taken during the press conference


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