50 cranes exported! XCMG-FOTON integrated truck-mounted cranes entered the Middle East market!

On September 20, the departure ceremony for XCMG-FOTON integrated products exported to the Middle East was solemnly held in XCMG Truck-mounted Crane Co., Ltd. 50 articulated-boom truck-mounted cranes were fully equipped and ready to be transported to the Middle East for petroleum transportation and infrastructure construction in this region.

50 "customized" integrated vehicles stood majestically on the scene of the departure ceremony

Sun Xiaojun, General Manager of XCMG Truck-mounted Crane, Wu Xiangqiu, Vice President of Beijing FOTON International Trade, Yu Hongyu, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import and Export, as well as hundreds of employee representatives jointly witnessed this important moment.

This is another "super-large order" after nearly 50 XCMG complete sets of special vehicles were sold to Central Asia in April this year, fully demonstrating the strong strength of XCMG in the construction machinery industry.

Sun Xiaojun, General Manager and Party Secretary of XCMG Truck-mounted Crane, makes a speech

Liu Guanghua, General Manager of Beijing FOTON International Trade and Beiqi FOTON Strategic Customer Marketing, makes a speech

Yu Hongyu, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Import and Export, makes a speech


This export is another significant achievement made by XCMG and Beijing FOTON International Trade in the process of promoting the marketing model of "double brand · double channel" since the strategic cooperation was established between the two sides over a year ago. The two leading Chinese brands have joined hands to launch a new journey of international cooperation and development, building a model of industrial cooperation and creating a new situation of win-win development in the industry.

With the issuance of departure instructions, 50 XCMG-FOTON integrated vehicles were rolling out of the factory slowly and vigorously in turn. XCMG special vehicle once again set foot on the new journey of the "Belt and Road" Construction. In the background of passionate music, the bright yellow cranes were particularly gorgeous against the blue sky, showing the unique "romantic" brilliance of construction machinery.

"Product customization" leads the whole industry to drive the new ecosystem


XCMG responds positively to the call of the national "going out" strategy. Targeted analysis on markets in different regions is made based on innovation and technology accumulation. "Customized" products are developed after precise product positioning.

At the beginning of this year, facing the severe working conditions in the Middle East, XCMG sent out an engineering team to go deep into the market, innovate and develop customized truck-mounted cranes adaptive to the local working conditions, continuously create high-quality product.


"Double brand · double channel" creates a new win-win situation

The people in the same boat should help each other in brave winds and waves together. XCMG adheres to the road of internationalization without wavering and implements overseas marketing strategy of "double brand · double channel". In 2018, integrated vehicle products with "FOTON chassis and XCMG superstructure" were launched and nearly 100 units were sold. From January to August 2019, more than 100 units of XCMG-FOTON integrated vehicles and over 10 units of XCMG Russia version vehicles were sold.

A new journey is explored on the "Belt and Road"

With the continuous deepening of the Belt and Road Initiative, XCMG Truck-mounted Crane proposes an international development strategy in good time to seize opportunities, provide customers with all-round value-added service, give full play to the greatest advantage of collaboration with the partners.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 30th anniversary of the founding of XCMG, this departure ceremony is another major breakthrough of XCMG in the overseas market.