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XCMG Apprentice "Season 5"
XCMG Apprentice "Season 5"
Release Date: November 07, 2019

On October 25, "XCMG Apprentice" Season 5 with the theme of "XCMG Creators" came to an end in Xuzhou, the city of China's construction machinery.


5 XCMG overseas fans were strictly and carefully selected from more than fifty-five thousand applicants from 62 countries. They are from the United States, Italy, Mexico, India and the Philippines and completed their five-day visit experience as "XCMG Apprentice". At conclusion day, they shared their "tour of creators" across oceans at XCMG International Conference Center.

The event is witnessed by Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Company, Zhang Lina, Deputy Director of Brand and Cultural Development, Gao Fei, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Party Secretaries, representatives on all fronts, outstanding youth representatives and media, a total of 320 people.


Global fans explore the secret of "Made in XCMG"


"XCMG Apprentice" is a large-scale annual experience activity well planned and organized. By inviting fans from all over the world to visit XCMG, they can have a close experience and understanding of XCMG. They will have a comprehensive perception of XCMG's quality, innovation, value and responsibility.

"XCMG Apprentice" has been successfully held for four seasons from 2016, and gained nearly 350 thousand global fans. In early 2017, "XCMG Apprentice" won the silver medal of "Overseas Creative Brand Marketing" in the 5th Top Digital Innovation Awards which involved more than 1,000 global innovative brand enterprises. In early 2018, it won the Haifan Award of "Top Ten Excellent Overseas Propaganda Cases" of People's Daily, which reflects XCMG's overseas popularity promotion, powerful influence and a growing number of overseas fans.  

During the activity, each "XCMG Apprentice" visited the largest plant in global construction machinery industry and the largest vibration and noise laboratory in Asia, appreciated XCMG's "the world's most" ingenuity and wisdom in manufacturing high-end products, but also enjoyed "iron spider-man" ET120 and performance from "global gold medal operator".

They also personally operated XCMG products under the guidance of tutors, experienced 3D printing technology, G1 generation crane simulation control, remanufacturing process, excavator simulation, China's largest loader LW1200K and unmanned dumper test drive, and got close to XCMG's high-end manufacturing, advanced technology and profound charm.

The also explored XCMG innovation through the creation of graffiti art fusing with XCMG construction machinery manufacturing and innovation


Creators demonstrate XCMG distinctive mechanical beauty

Li Linshan, publicity manager of XCMG Truck Business Division, reviewed the "XCMG experience tour" as representative of tutors of Season 5 at the conclusion conference held on 25th: After this campaign, I got a deeper understanding of XCMG's culture. XCMG cannot be simply identified as a leader of China construction machinery industry. It is also a challenger and rule breaker in terms of creation, innovation and technologies.

Subsequently, the five apprentices shared their learning experiences. The unique temperament of the three "art masters" Sergio, Kajal and Christian, professionalism of the hydraulic engineer Cole and deep recognition and passion from Maria moved the audience. 

Five leaders including Lin Hai, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Hoisting Machinery Business Division and Wang Ying, Deputy Party Secretary of XCMG Earthmoving Machinery Business Division had in-depth discussions with the five apprentices on international market, product experience, craftsmanship spirit and cultural experience.

At the conference, Zhang Lina, Deputy Director of XCMG Brand and Culture Development Department said, "although the activity only last five days, XCMG prepared our friends with various machinery 'creators' experience to immerse them in XCMG's high-end manufacturing, leading technology, culture, and apprentices have harvested gratitude and friendship, which will be good memories for a lifetime!"


Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of the XCMG Import and Export, issued "graduation certificates" to the five apprentices and sent a heartfelt message, "I hope the five apprentices can become XCMG's 'international ambassadors', so that more friends can know, understand and love XCMG. We hope to join hands with more young people in the world to explore science and technology, serve the sustainable development of global construction machinery industry, and contribute our wisdom and strength to a better future."


Speaking of his impression on the activity, Liu said in an interview with the media that XCMG always takes "exploring science and technology for global construction and sustainable development" as its mission. Through advanced products and services, XCMG will join hands with the world to create a beautiful home for mankind. We are also more determined to deliver products at artifact level with concept of "Advanced Technology and Long Duration".


XCMG, make the world a better place


With China’s national strategies and initiatives such as the "reform and opening-up", "the Belt and Road" and "world community with a shared future", China has opened a window of opportunity for the construction machinery industry. Internationalization has always been the core strategy of XCMG. XCMG is always committed to global infrastructure construction and provides high-quality products and services for 183 countries and regions till now.


Through the activities such as "XCMG Apprentice", the global construction machinery fans will better understand, recognize and love XCMG. 

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