Board Chairman Wang Min attended the “2019 TOP Enterprise Summit” sponsored by Xinhua Finance, and expressed the power of XCMG’s “Dream Catching”


On the afternoon of January 13, the “2019 Top Enterprise Summit & Jiaohuidian Open Lectures” sponsored by Xinhua Daily Media Group with the help of Postal Savings Bank of China Jiangsu Branch was held in Nanjing. In the meeting, world-renowned Investor and Financier Jim Rogers, President Chen Chunhua of  Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) Business School of National School of Development at Peking University (NSD) and multiple famous entrepreneurs jointly explored the innovative path of high quality enterprise development, brand value increase and difficult economic problem solving to brighten Jiangsu Province and empower the future.

XCMG was honored to be one of “2018 Models of Jiangsu, Top 10 Warm Enterprises”. Wang Min, Board Chairman and CPC Secretary of XCMG, attended the summit upon invitation, and talked with Jim Rogers about new opportunities and new achievements for high quality development.


 “Innovation and Change, Synergy, Coexistence” is the theme of 2019 Top Enterprise Summit & Jiaohuidian Open Lectures, also the mode chosen by individuals for the future.

Enterprise development is always faced with the coexistence of challenges and opportunities.

In the summit, Wang Min, Board Chairman and CPC Secretary of XCMG, addressed that “current economic environment is challenging, but with more opportunities. At this moment, we should pay closer attention to own industry and cause, and go further toward high quality rather than in a hit-or-miss way or satisfied with a smattering.”

He thought that entrepreneurs in Jiangsu are very sensitive to opportunity, concentrated and persistent, and need to be more concentrated in future. All manufacturing enterprises in Jiangsu need to free our minds, open up our eyes, learn from entrepreneurs in other provinces, integrate the market and enlarge scale to become more advantageous in market competition.

Chen Chunhua gave a lecture in the subject of Coexistence: Evolution Path of Future Enterprise Organizations, and explored how to restructure a more efficient and valuable enterprise organization in respect of coexistence belief, customer doctrine, technical penetration, no ego leadership and other cores, pointing out the right way to enterprises under the pressure of economic downturn.

Jim Rogers shared his opinion of today’s world and his ways

 “The only advantage of sustainable competition comes from the innovation ability surpassing that of competitors”, said Jim Rogers. “Innovation and change” was a frequent term on the spot of summit.


Go on climbing: to arrive at the top of Mount Qomolangma under the drive of innovation

 “We still need to develop continuously and keep innovating, because we dream of “Climbing to the Top of Mount Qomolangma.” In the special interview of Xinhua Finance, Wang Min, Board Chairman and CPC Secretary of XCMG explains the secret of XCMG’s success by “innovation”, “XCMG is the frontest Chinese enterprise in the ranking of world engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises, but this is still a little far away from our corporate strategic objective and dream. Therefore the objective of keeping improving is our largest motivation to go ahead”, said he.

Wang Min addressed that, both the world market and the Chinese market have brought many opportunities to XCMG. What’s more, XCMG rises on the basis of accumulated strength in the past several decades. At present, XCMG’s technical strength has been shining. “XCMG’s confidence in pursuing dreams and objectives lies in the drive of technical innovation”, said he.

In late 2017, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, visited XCMG and gave an important speech, putting forward “(you) must well develop the manufacturing industry”. For XCMG, an enterprise developing stably, the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping is also a source of continuous endeavor. Wang Min said, the staff of XCMG has been taking the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping in mind by 2018 for more than one year after the visit, “(you) must well develop the manufacturing industry under the drive of good innovation”.

Wang Min is talking with Jim Rogers in 2019 Top Enterprise Summit

Sustainable development: endless succession

Besides continuous innovation, the development of a manufacturing enterprise also needs endless succession. Wang Min pointed out that, the largest advantage of XCMG lies in the deposit of the endless succession of talent. XCMG has established a talent platform in the northernmost region of Jiangsu, and built a highland of talents. The highland encloses the industrial culture and the “mount top climbing” objective of XCMG, and assembles a good many of excellent young technical talents, managerial talents and skill talents thereupon. With the great objective and the good platform, XCMG will attract more young talents to keep pursuing XCMG Dream and Chinese Dream unremittingly.

Li Ge, Deputy Secretary of CPC XCMG Committee, received the “2018 Models of Jiangsu, Top 10 Warm Enterprises” Award on behalf of XCMG

In addition, XCMG keeps enhancing the sense of social responsibility, and act as “warm” enterprise. “An enterprise should be warm. It can be warm to all of the staff inside, the clients outside, the homeland and the world. Such enterprise is vigorous, cultural and respectable”, Wang Min said.